Best Pedal Kayaks On Sale 2020 – Pedal Kayak Old Town Vapor 10XT Kayak Review

The Old Town Kayak Vapor 10XT, the successor to the Vapor 10 canoe and kayak, is an excellent all-rounder offering a relaxed and comfortable ride. The miners who are looking for something more stable, comfortable, with plenty of space and paths in different conditions, such as ponds, lakes, rivers and sometimes melting sea, will want to take a closer look. The Vapor 10XT offers great stability and load capacity, especially due to its high volume and stable comfort, all without compromising handling. The huge cockpit also makes it possible to get in and out effortlessly. Are you interested yet? Read the full Old Canoe City and Vapor 10XT kayaks recreational review to find out more and see if your money should go there.

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Description and characteristics

  • Adjustable ComfortFlex seat with good upholstery for optimal comfort and a soft backrest.
  • Click on the power supply of the sealing hatch and keep the gear wheel on and above the shafts.
  • A moldbox in the cockpit, containing a cup holder…
  • Cast paddle holder and electronic carrier with elastic holder
  • Adjustable adjusting screws and hip pads that provide a comfortable and secure position for everyone’s enjoyment.
  • Preformed handles for easy carrying of the bow and stern
  • Dimensions : 10’L x 19.5 P x 28.5 B, with a single cockpit 19.5 x 48.


As mentioned at the beginning, the Vapor 10XT is an excellent all-rounder. It is designed for beginners and advanced users, but also for people who want a lot of comfort and space, both for themselves and their equipment. The first thing you notice is the cockpit, or rather its size. It’s incredibly big and it’s windy to get in and out of the kayak. Size also means that on long journeys you have plenty of room to wobble a little, which certainly helps to avoid the feeling of being stuck in a kayak. The seat of the kayak is known as the ComfortFlex and has enough padding to make your journey comfortable without having to worry about the travel time. The backrest is also sufficiently comfortable and well adjusted, which means you won’t have back problems like with some of the more difficult solutions. There are also a few things in the cockpit that not everyone has. What you like best is the streamlined deck with a cup holder and the adjustable footrests and hip cushions that allow you to adjust the kayak to your taste and enjoy rowing without having to worry about comfort. Dry storage is also a great advantage for those traveling with equipment that doesn’t need to be wet.

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The kayak is made of single layer polyethylene and due to its large volume it is the heaviest side of the business. However, the kayak is extremely stable when it comes to steering. It’s not really designed for speed, but it’s easier to manoeuvre than you’d think, and you can easily pass all the obstacles that stand in its way, such as rocks and tree trunks sticking out of the water. The knife holder is also very simple but functional, as it keeps the knife out of reach while ready for use.


In short, the Vapor 10XT is an incredible kayak for those who are not very demanding. It comes with many gadgets that almost everyone will be happy with, but if you’re looking for a fast kayak that beats everything, it’s not for you. However, if you want something you can easily manoeuvre, offering a solid and stable platform and comfort for several days, look no further. The old town of canoes and kayaks The Vapor 10XT recreational kayaks have a huge cockpit and dry storage, which means you can take your gear with you and make the best of it.

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