Dagger Kayaks Axis 10.5 Kayak

Do I have to buy?

10.5 means of course that the kayak is 10 feet long. It has a relatively narrow kayak beam of 27.5 inches and weighs just under 50 pounds. The material is a polyethylene mould, which they heat and tilt on the mould of the boat. The material is strong enough for family boats. That’s really the point. It’s suitable for a wide range of rowers, from 125 to around 230 pounds, as always, depending on how you carry your weight on a day.

It belongs to the category of recreational craft, which means that it does not have the length, power or safety characteristics of a tour boat, sea kayak or performance boat that are most effective.

The boat itself has modest rigging on the stern, soft carrying handles, modest rigging on the stern – this is really what you normally see in kayaks.

After the cockpit we have a burglar-proof lock that is useful if you are worried about the ship or, in the worst case, can be used as a towing point. The cockpit of a boat is slightly more aggressive than the many pleasure craft in its class. You can see that for a pleasure boat with hip cushions on the knees, it is slightly more aggressive and you have a little more control than on many other pleasure boats.

It has a higher backseat, which can be found on many sports boats. Again, we prefer the lower backseat, which can be seen on the towers and the higher kayaks. Great comfort because the chairs move very well, they are profiled CFS chairs with a cushion that goes up at the feet. It has an amplifier, which is a plastic device that partially lifts the bowels of the boat and helps maintain the integrity of the boat for a long period of time. There are several places for water bottles on the beam, as well as some gears.

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The boat itself has a single chimney that represents the side of the boat with fairly stiff edges that do a number of things to maximize initial stability, but they are quite clearly defined so if you accidentally knock the boat over or want to improve your skills, it will be attached fairly firmly to the boat.

You’ll find it has a modest deck layout. After the cockpit there is only a rear hatch and bulkheads, so the aft deck is your dry storage space.

There are many contradictions in this business. The dagger is sold as a cruise ship, as a multifunctional boat that can sail on the water, and as far as the dagger is concerned, we disagree, because it is simply not stored dry in the bowels of the boat itself.

It’s a 10-foot boat that misses about 7 feet of water, but that doesn’t mean the boat can’t handle these conditions, it just means you put your safety at risk.

However, we are very satisfied with this boat, because it completes the Pungo series.

The Pungo series is under the same umbrella as the wild system. The difference is that this boat is slightly tapered, the Pungo is about an inch and a half wide, while this boat is slightly narrower and weighs a little more than the 12-foot version of the Pungo, but it also has a skeleton, which is quite cool, so only the rope lets go of the skeleton, which the Pungo system doesn’t have. The Skeg has a tracked vehicle in tougher conditions, and if you want a little more handling, you can just lift it off the road.

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Final reflection

What we have in mind for this kayak is that it is the perfect boat to complement this family recreational boat system like the Pungo, with a little more space to get up and drive, as it has a few extra features, it’s a little narrower and we imagine, maybe some of the big rowers who buy the 12 or 14 foot Pungo version and some of the smaller rowers or rowers who want to be a little more aggressive without jumping into the tourist boat category would prefer to go on this boat.

It has a slightly higher side, and this side means that it increases the load on the propeller it can carry, so it also lifts about 10 pounds heavier than the Pungo 120, even though it is narrower.

It’s an excellent boat and we recommend it to every oarsman who wants to make a small jump from his traditional kayaks while having a boat that is versatile enough to navigate different areas of different waters.


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