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Today we will see the Emotion Spitfire on Top Kayak, a 2,5 meter kayak. This is heading consisting of a large volume of polyethylene. This contributes to the strength and durability of the kayaks. It has carrying handles on the front, back and sides. These handles make transport easier. The kayak is equipped with a tank pit for easy storage. On this shaft the loading braid is attached. It is designed in such a way that you can sit on it, because in a traditional model the length of the seat will be too limited. It is a very comfortable kayak with some remarkable features. It is generally designed for people who want stability and good performance and who can afford to pull a little more for such a small kayak. It has a high speed and is perfect for tracking without compromising the stability of the kayak. This kayak has a soft seat and a good tank, which is usually found in the most expensive kayaks. The foot spaces presented here provide a safe and comfortable place for your feet to sit. To keep the inside of the kayaks dry, there is a special feature of holes, usually called gutters, in the cockpit and the wells. This kayak is also known for its unique quality – extra volume and capacity far greater than its competitors. It can be used for both children and small adults.

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Why an emotional Spitfire 8?

The most important recommendations and considerations you should take into account before buying this kayak are the following:

  1. Emotion Spitfire Sits on Top Kayak, 8 Feet is well built and works well in the water. They are available for adults and children with the same features and quality of design. Even on windy days it is easy to follow. It is known for its great manoeuvrability. These kayaks have so many advantages that they need to be handled carefully when loading and unloading before use. Because these kayaks are delivered in plastic bags, they can get damaged during transport. Although some dealers are generous enough to replace them immediately, you should still be careful and check the package for courier company personnel to avoid complications. Inspection of the kayak is a condition for acceptance or signature of the delivery. One day a friend ordered a kayak and signed for it shortly after delivery. He found a huge cut on the side where the magazine apparently stabbed him. He had great difficulty sending it back because they wanted to prove it wasn’t his fault, and because he had already signed it, it was up to him to make sure it arrived safely.
  2. It can be easily adapted to any location. Tarpaulins and rubber mats can be used to prevent slipping. By using these kayaks you don’t have to worry about back problems. People can use these kayaks to enjoy sailing, or if you buy an extra sailboat or build one yourself. The chairs are also comfortable.
  3. It is very comfortable and easy to use. You can use it without any problems, even in bad weather.
  4. We also know it’s very easy. It offers less friction and a much better trajectory than some of its better-known competitors, especially the 8-inch mini kayaks.
  5.  To use it, you need to know how to use it. With these kayaks it is very easy to navigate in different water conditions and thanks to their light weight they can easily be drawn in circles. People who love the underwater brush can easily turn around and have fun with these 8 feet. You can enjoy yourself at the highest level by swimming.
  6. The kayak tracking system is described as excellent because it is designed to keep the buttocks in the middle while sitting on the seat. We also know he’s being treated like a dream. It is very flexible and easy to turn thanks to its small and light construction.
  7. It is a kind of versatile kayak that is simple and safe in its own way.
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Negative controls:
There were negative reactions to the traffic jams that were missing on these kayaks. They are needed because their absence can quickly flood the water and it can be difficult to return to the kayak due to drainage.


In general it is an excellent kayak for children and small adults. If you’re looking for an 8-inch kayak.

is definitely one of the best. It has a perfect level of tracking and stability for its size, and is an excellent tool for children. If you weigh more than 130 pounds, we advise you to change to a larger kayak, because that will certainly not be a good experience. Excellent product and highly recommended to us!

Where can I buy the emotional Spitfire 8?

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Official website of Emotion Kayaks



 emotion spitfire 9 kayak

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