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Future Beach is a family business that started kayaks for local fishing companies. However, what started as a small business has built up a pretty good reputation, especially with outsiders looking for a kayak to hunt ducks and geese in cold weather and especially in cold climates. This requirement prompted Future Beach to develop and produce Angler 160. This Future Beach sit-on top fishing kayak is designed for anglers who want a kayak that they can dress up with a duck cover. The kayak is designed for one man and offers a whole range of bonuses and fishing accessories, making it the perfect tool for any kayaker who wants to go fishing. You’ll find that with the Future Beach Angler 160 you do indeed have quite a few kayaks, and that for a decent price for everything you have. Read on for a complete overview, which you need to inform when you need to add the product to your shopping cart.

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Then why do kayakers make capers?

Specifications and description of the future of the beach angler 160

  • The kayak is about 10 feet long and weighs 46 pounds.
  • Maximum load capacity of 300 pounds.
  • The 18 x 42 self-loading cockpit is quite spacious.
  • 12 x 20 Roller shutter for storage of basic equipment
  • Backrest with moulded seat
  • a stern tube with an open bungee bridge on which a 5-gallon barge is placed
  • Multichannel housing
  • Rod support, countersunk

The Future Beach Angler 160 is actually a very well made kayak. It is rotary molded and has a two-headed housing that gives you a lot of stability and control. The choice of materials guarantees a lightweight kayak and a body that is sufficiently resistant to bumps and at the same time strong and precise during rowing. The construction of the hull allows the kayak to sink slightly, accelerate a little and then support it without too much effort. This is important, especially for a kayaker, because you need to save as much energy as possible for your fishing experience and then go home. The handling is also excellent, and you will have no problem avoiding obstacles or taking difficult turns.

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When talking about fishing experiences, you should know that this kayak was built with two purposes in mind. First of all, it’s a fish kayak. The two sunken boom attachments and the storage options such as a dry hatch and a large feeding trough with fishing line make the ideal combination for every angler. You can go fishing and take all your stuff, and you still have room for all that.

When it comes to comfort and functionality, the beach kayak of the future offers both. There is a soft seat with an adjustable backrest and the cab is large enough for easy entry and exit. While we’re in the cockpit, it’s a self-service cockpit, which means you’ll probably stay completely dry while you’re away, which can be especially important in cold climates.

Advantages and disadvantages of

A kayak has many positive aspects, and what people appreciate most is its stability and manoeuvrability. They also appreciate the fact that the hull is designed so that you can fish in shallow water without fear of damage, as well as the asking price, which is not very high considering what you get.

Regarding the disadvantages, you will notice that a kayak can be a bit difficult to steer if you are a less flexible person and the size of the kayak is not suitable for someone or something like that.

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Final reflection

The Future Beach Angler 160 is an excellent piece of equipment and has been priced lower than other competing manufacturers in offering these specifications. However, the kayak is designed to last for years and to serve you for as long as you need it.

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