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Looking for the best fish kayak? For money not much better than Jackson Coosa Fishing Kayak.

The Jackson Coosa Fishing Kayak is an invention of the professional fisherman Drew Gregory, who together with Jackson Kayak developed the first kayak that had only one goal: to meet the needs of the fisherman.

Although Jackson Coosa is superior to lakes, ponds and other waters, it is the first and only kayak operated by a fisherman.

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Fishermen need three things on a kayak: Stability, durability and the ability to adapt the kayak to your specific fishing needs. The Jackson Coosa Fishing Kayak meets and exceeds requirements in almost every way.

One of the most useful features of the Jackson Coosa is its revolutionary wide body design, which allows everyone to stand up straight without any problems. Whether you want to stand while throwing or stand on a large catcher plate, the 23.5 Coosa platform, with its wall width, offers enough space to spread your legs and form a stable base. This is a great advantage of Coosa’s fish kayak and allows you to do things you never thought possible in a kayak.

When you are not standing upright, the next feature that distinguishes the Coosa from other kayaks is the Elite Hi/Lo chair, which lifts you above the water and gives you better visibility and, last but not least, more comfort when fishing. The chair can also be placed in a low position, giving it excellent stability when rowing in rough water, in rapids or when surfing. In addition, the seat is completely removable and can also be used as storage furniture or garden chair.

The Jackson Kusa Fishing Kayak offers anglers a variety of deck plans. There are many built-in storage areas for oars, rods, blades, rod holders and other necessary fishing equipment.  The integrated paddle ladder, for example, is ideal for standing and fishing. For more permanent positioning, the integrated paddle support on the side of the kayak ensures that the paddle is always safe and protected. Generisches Rentier Rentier Hirsch Rentier Hirsch Rentier Hirsch Rentier Hirsch Rentier Hirsch Rentier Hirsch Rentierschlachtkörper Rentierschlachtkörper Rentierschlachtkörper Rentierschlachtkörper Rentierschlachtkörper Rentierschlachtkörper Rentierschlachtkörper Rentierschlachtkörper Rentierschlachtkörper Rentierschlachtkörper Rentierschlachtkörper Rentierschafe. There are also two integrated and hidden post supports located directly behind the seat for easy access to the post.

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Then why the Jackson-Cusa kayak?

Day hatch – For safe and dry storage, Coosa has a comfortable day hatch at the front of the platform.

Adjustable footrests – Not all anglers are equal in size. Coosa’s adjustable legs guarantee a perfect fit for all fishing activities.

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Drag Chain – The advanced feature of the Jackson Kus kayak is a built-in drag chain system. All you have to do is roll a troll that touches the bottom of a river or lake to serve as an anchor or slow you down so you can fish exactly in the area you need, as fast or as long as you like. Just pull the drive chain to bring the kayak back to full speed.

Front and rear panels – Storage will never be a problem in a Coosa with two large lockable panels at both the front and rear of the boat. Easy installation of all your rods, camping equipment and more.

Cartridge – Another great feature of the Coosa fishing kayak is the storage space for equipment, which is located directly under the high/low seat. Two under-seat storage compartments integrated into the Coosa that match the typical plastic equipment, e.g. gloves. Access to the gear trays is possible immediately. Simply pull under the seat on both sides and pull out the fish box. This makes changing fishing tactics faster and easier than ever. (It is no longer necessary to reach around the seat to reach the rear tackle box).

Large Fountain tank – The large tank with fishing line is located directly behind the seat on the Coosa and is ideal for attaching to a milk crate.

Removable Carabiner – Perhaps one of the most innovative features of the Coosa fishing kayak is the removable carabiner. Rivers are difficult for kayaks, and even the best tend to wear out over time as they are pulled along the keel.  When the keel is worn out, it is usually time to buy a new kayak. Not with Coosa and its removable cover plate. As soon as the plate starts to wear out, just replace it and your Jackson Coosa will be like new.

Made for Rivers – The Jackson Kusa is the best kayak for anglers because of its hull design, stability and rocker to get to places where fish like to hide, such as B. in narrow, wild water and other hard-to-reach places.


The gum walls have a good yak attack trick built in, which is good and integrated, making it really cool and much more comfortable on the boat. At the front we have extra bottle holders for water bottles when you leave the hatch. There is a room where you can place your rolls and a room where you can put a rope through a small hole. For perch fishing it is not overused, but for saltwater fishing it is absolutely necessary to use litres.

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Even in a coosa, such as a large layout, rod holders or kayak side protection tips, your rod slides in easily so that when you walk under certain trees, you don’t have to pull on your rods.

A major advantage of Jackson Coosa kayaks is that they are equipped with straps that hold the paddle in place and allow it to be placed directly in the boat without slipping. The Cuda has this feature, and the big set and the big tuna have it, but other Jackson Coosa kayaks don’t have it because the hatch is a bit concave, and it’s harder to do.

On the bottom of the boat you have to go on hooks, and Jackson’s new bungee style is pretty good this year, they all have good anchor points and let the paddle open easily.

At the back there is another rail that makes it possible to make some adjustments to the drawer, or to any type of drawer you want to put in it. You can place the ball or rail on the bracket at any time with attachment points that can be attached to the drawer, and this will give you a good firm anchor for your boat when you turn it over, or something you won’t lose.

Basically there are a few Templars, they are all removable and can be taken away. You can put coolers or crates in the back and slide your bungee cords forward so that you can still use your bungee cords with the crate. With a conventional system only one bungee option is possible or no bungee option at all.

The rear hatch, like the front hatch, has a folding space. It tilts in the opposite direction and has a good closing point and a good drag chain with a very good parachute like the other Coosa. He’s got poles on his back.

The seat has a fabric that is actually used by Toyota’s and gives you the feeling of true luxury with a beautiful fabric. It is black and slightly heavier, but the pillow and the feeling it gives are so much more comfortable to wear all day. You can sit in other places all day without any problems, but it’s very pleasant.

There is a rear section with a good update of previous models. Last year the models were good, but this year Thermarest founded a large company to produce chairs.

You can adjust the seat by loosening the straps, you can set the rear seat in the high or low position. He’s coming down and he’s very stable. You can also adjust it to get a little higher – there are 4 positions. Best of all, if you have a backpack or a very heavy chest in the back and no equipment in the front, you are ready to do what you need to do. If you want a better view at low power, you can push the seat forward and fold it down and also navigate better on the water.

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If you have complete equipment at the front, such as sleeping bags, extra racks, night equipment, etc., you can use it as a sleeping bag. The front hatch is larger so you can sit down and further back in the boat to support all the camping equipment you have.

Jackson KissOverview of Features and Specifications

Full specifications

  • Length: 11 feet, 3 inches.
  • Width: 31.5 inch with a 23 inch internal platform.
  • Weight: 63 pounds without seat, 67 pounds with seat.
  • Weight capacity: 375 pounds
  • Removable Hi/Lo Seat
  • Lockable front and rear flaps for stacking bars up to 11 feet high
  • Quickly accessible day hatch
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Pull out the chain and anchor
  • Original Duke
  • Rod support for flush mounting
  • Stapler shovel
  • Leaflet holder
  • Cup winner
  • Under the bucket seat
  • Interchangeable keel guard plate
  • Large rear tank
  • 3 years guarantee (free replacement of the accommodation for 2 years).
  • Superline polyethylene body

Our report

That’s the essence of Jackson Coosa kayaks, it’s a super cool boat with lots of padding at the bottom of the new big place. It is a very good boat, slightly more stable than the original Coosa, but not as stable as a large oil platform. They designed this boat to make everyone stop. This one doesn’t come with a bar, you can get up, but it doesn’t look like a great setup if you can’t get up with your 300 pounds.

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Instructions for fishing with kayaks

Jackson Kusa Kayak Official Website



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