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Choosing the best kayak for your child can be a difficult task. Many parents choose to put their children on kayaks used by adults. In most cases this is not good practice as handling a kayak of the wrong size has proved difficult and even dangerous for children. That’s why it’s better to look for kayaks specially designed for children. The good news is that there is a wide range of these kayaks on the market, and one of the most popular models is the Lifetime Youth Wave kayak.

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Lifetime Products is a renowned manufacturer of polyethylene tables and chairs. However, over the past decade their product line has included items such as canopies, oars and kayaks. After the introduction of the first kayak that was better than expected, the management of this company decided to offer several other models, including special kayaks for children, such as the Lifetime Youth Wave kayak.

With a length of six feet, the Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak is ideal for children from 5 years of age. It is gratifying to see that the designers of Lifetime Products have developed this model with the needs and capabilities of children in mind. The structure and materials used are adapted to sea kayaking.

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This kayak has a capacity of about 130 pounds, which means that even older children can sail it without any problems.   Although the kayak can carry 130 pounds, it is very light and weighs only 18 pounds. This way even a parent can easily take the kayak to the beach from his or her house or vehicle. Of course, your children can also help by making the journey to the sea even more exciting and fun. To make transport even easier, the manufacturers have decided to attach shaped handles on each side of this modern kayak. Children can use these pens to control themselves if they lose their balance.

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Speaking of stability and balance, it is nice to note that the Lifetime Youth Wave kayaks are often considered one of the most stable kayaks for children. This stability is the result of a special construction. However, the designers decided to add an inverted chin to further increase stability. Safety is priority number one when it comes to kayaking. This special kayak is equipped with a wide support that provides the child with a very stable rowing board that keeps the kayak safe at all times.

Whether you use the kayak on an ocean, river, sea or lake, boarding and disembarking is easy and straightforward thanks to the swimming speed adapted to the needs of children from five years of age.

The Lifetime Youth Wave kayak model is not only suitable for classic kayaking. Many satisfied users use this kayak to follow and even surf. This is possible thanks to the double fin construction, which helps kayakers in this activity. The Youth Wave of Life has an ergonomic cockpit to improve the motility and balance of the kayak. The chair is very comfortable and pleasant, even for kayaking lessons.

Since this kayak is designed for children over five years of almost any age, it is natural that it has different leg positions. This allows kayaks of different sizes to easily adjust the position of the feet to their size. It is not uncommon to carry water in the kayak when you are in the water, that is why there are nail holes in the cockpit. You can help the water out of the kayak. It is also nice to know that the kayak is equipped with shaped paddles.

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This kayak is made of high density HDPE polyethylene. The material is known for its durability and flexibility, making this kayak a long-term investment. Even more interesting is that the kayak is equipped with UV protection to ensure that the paint and coating will not crack, fade or fade, even after a long stay in the sun.

The kayak Lifetime Youth Wave is one of the best kayaks for children for a unique price.

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