Malibu Kayak’s X-Factor Kayak Review

Rafting on rivers, rapids and lakes is always a fun adventure for everyone who participates, but it gets even more interesting when you have a quality kayak. Of course there are many possibilities, but the universal kayak is still one of the favorites, and not for nothing. But there are also different models of kayakers, and some are better than others. One of the best kayaking cards is the Malibu X Factor. It has many features and design qualities that make its cut superior to that of its young parents. But instead of allowing such ambiguity to exist, we need to explain some details for and against this extraordinary kayak.

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First of all, a dry tour is offered on the Malibu X Factor. Many people don’t like to get their feet wet during a water adventure, and the Malibu X Factor offers the dry environment you want. That in itself is a good excuse to get in a kayak there.

It is also equipped with a large, high tilt so that even the hardest waves and breakwaters can be ploughed clean. The Malibu X Factor is a sturdy, rigid boat designed to stay at home on calm water or rough waves, so you don’t have to worry about being flooded by the water you want to cross. And according to this logic, there is no water area in Malibu X Factor that cannot be conquered.

This 14-footer can carry up to six hundred pounds and offers plenty of storage space for all the equipment you need: Finally, the Malibu X Factor is perfect for diving and fishing. It even has a trolling engine for more serious fishing adventures that you could think of.

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The Malibu X Factor has a front hatch that accommodates a child’s seat, and is also equipped with self-cleaning shelves, a cup holder and carrying handles.

And if the facts aren’t enough to really sell you this kayak, we can take a look at the comments from the customers of Malibu X Factor. After all, public consensus is usually the basis on which people decide to buy new products. No comments on this product under four stars at Amazon. There are all four and five star reviews, and nicknames have been written that praise the true resilience and power of the Malibu X Factor. This really is one of the highest quality kayaks. In fact, I can’t even tell you anything negative about kayaking, because there are no negative reviews.

However, if you are planning a rafting, diving or fishing adventure, the Malibu X Factor is the ideal kayak for any excursion you have in mind.

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