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Fishing kayaks are a fairly specific category, either you find something that fits your specifications, or you don’t buy a kayak. However, this is quite understandable when you consider that you will spend a lot of time there and that you need to go to your favourite fishing spot quickly and easily and stay there without being afraid to return. And while most of the kayaks available today are either too big to give you stability, or smaller to get you faster, they usually make compromises, and some of those compromises are just too big for you. It’s also understandable that when you spend money on something like this, you want it to suit you. However, there are a few kayaks that are just the right size for optimum performance, but not too small to lose the stability that a kayaker should have. One of the best options is the Ocean Kayak Caper, a fish kayak that sits on the roof. It’s a bag of the right size, with lots of frills and gadgets, that gives you everything you need when you go fishing. Read the following for more details and don’t forget to contact your nearest dealer to try it out.

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Why would you kayak?

As already mentioned, this kayak has many features that meet the standards in force for fish kayaks. A modern kayaker should have rope holders and enough space to store all his stuff, but also a few extras such as a cup holder. Bomb Disposal Fisherman’s got everything. Behind the seat there are two sunken reed holders that can be used. Storage is provided by a large forward hatch opening, which provides easy access to everything that can be stored in the hull, and a rear tank container, which is covered with straps for tank storage and provides additional storage space. If you’re going fishing with Captain Fisherman, you don’t need extra storage space. There is also a cast iron cup holder, which has recently become very popular for kayaks. The lateral knife holders even give you extra comfort. Comfort is another essential feature a fishing kayak should have, and Ocean Kayak has taken care of that by adding the Comfort Plus chair in the folding couch, which makes you feel comfortable on the water, even on long days on the water. There are also preformed footrests, which give you different options for different sizes of rowers.

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Productivity is not an issue at all. The kayak is the right size to take you to your favourite fishing spot or campsite and you will have no problem getting there. The tracking is excellent and the Caper Angler is very easy to manoeuvre, even for beginners and advanced users. Once you are in your favourite spot, stability is the key and the kayak has had enough. It’s easy to get involved and you can be sure you won’t overflow while fishing. Moreover, the choice of materials used makes the kayak quite light and you can easily take it with you when you’re not in the water. However, keep in mind that the design and dimensions of the kayak are ideal for bays, rivers and similar conditions, and that driving in open water can cause headaches.

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If you look at the possibilities that are available at the kayak market today, you will see that a boat like the Ocean Kayak Caper fishing seat is a rarity. However, it is a great tool that you can use while staying away from the open sea, and you can easily take it to your favourite fishing spot without worrying about being too tired to fish there.

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