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When talking about a fishing kayak, the first thing that comes to mind is a large, heavy kayak with lots of slides, lots of storage space and a large seat. But that’s not always the case, and there’s also a target market that just doesn’t need that much and can manage with a small, lightweight kayak suit that makes it possible to wear the essentials naked. Of course you can’t get a dozen rods and lots of extra accessories, but do you really need them when you’re not long gone? Here’s the Ocean Kayak Caper Classic Kayak on the canoe. It is designed as a small, compact package for those looking for a ship that has only basic needs and nothing else.

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So why Ocean Kayak Caper Classic Review?

With a length of only 11 feet and a weight of 45 pounds, the Caper Classic is both short and light. It’s made from polyethylene, giving you a stable, fast platform with a decent payload of 275-325 pounds, depending on the conditions you’re rowing. The Tri-Form is known for its stability, directional stability and maneuverability, and again it will not disappoint. At the top there is a large and deep cast iron cistern with two holes for drainage. The tank fountain is also equipped with a flexible elastic cord that ensures that, regardless of the size of the objects you put in, they stay in and don’t fall out. There is also a front hatch where you can keep your most important things dry and safe, more than you think, which means you have enough space on deck.

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You will notice that the kayak is actually equipped with many features that you would not normally find on kayaks in this price range, which is great considering that the Caper Classic is actually a decent price. In addition to the huge storage space, you benefit from soft carrying handles for greater comfort when transporting the kayaks, moulded, rigid and resistant footrests for maximum power transmission and the included cup holder. If you consider everything, you will find that you benefit from many extra services that usually force you to jump for a more expensive kayak, which would be a mistake in this situation.

When it comes to performance and comfort, you won’t have a problem with Caper Classic. The body is designed to provide incredible directional stability, and as the kayak is small and light, you will find that achieving and maintaining speed is not a real problem. Kayaking glides across the water with amazing ease. You may think that such a light kayak is not very stable and can easily tilt, but you are wrong. The Caper Classic has no stability problems and you won’t feel like you’re going to tip over at any time. When it comes to comfort, you benefit from a well shaped seat with a width of 19 ½, which in combination with the backrest of the Comfort Plus seat makes a comfortable day on the water possible. In general you probably can’t take that much stuff with you, but a few hours in a single session in this kayak is more comfortable than you think, and you really like it.

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Thought of everything, if you are looking for a heavy kayak with lots of equipment to fish from sunset to sunrise, you should probably skip the Caper Classic and choose something else. However, if you need a light, fast and stable boat that provides you with everything you need and allows you to rest easily for a few hours, then the Ocean Kayak Caper Classic to equip with a seat on top of the boat is probably one of your best options. As we said, it is fast, stable, has good tracks and comes with many accessories, many of which are not to be found in kayaks in this price range, which should not be overlooked.

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