Ocean Kayak Venus 11 Women’s Kayak Review

Welcome, today everyone wanted to make a little tour of the sea kayak Venus 11. My wife loves to kayak with me and she wanted it to be very comfortable for her. We tried this kayak because it belonged to a friend and she liked it so much that we bought her the same kayak.

We’ll talk about some of the features and some that aren’t that great.

Do I need to buy a Venus 11 Women’s Kayak?

First of all you can see that the front part is very narrow, it has a nice knife, it cuts the water very well and is certainly much faster than other kayaks. It is 2 meters long and comes with everything you see in the picture. The comfortable technical chair is very pleasant and soft for long journeys. On the back you’ll find elastic holders that are perfect for placing coolers or similar items you might want to provide and wear.

It has a small drying compartment on the front that is very easy to use, which is not exactly the most watertight compartment. So you can use the bag to keep your clothes dry when they’re there, and it has a rope so you won’t lose it when you’re in the water.

Inside there is a cast iron cup holder, and nearby there is a round recess for another storage object.

It comes with three carrying handles. The two on the side are very suitable for taking and carrying a kayak. The kayak is very light and weighs only about 47 or 40 pounds. The pen is next to the central peak, which my wife loves in a kayak, because she can reach out, grab it and lift it when she wants to get up.

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At the bow there are large bungee cords to tie towels or life jackets or anything else you want to take with you. The drain plug is in the front, if water comes in, you can pick it up and pour the water out.

It comes with a good paddle support on the side that you can unhook, let go of your paddle and when you’re done with the paddle, you can just put it back in place by clicking on it, it’s very sturdy.

The last thing he does is put a few small reference points around the kayaks to help you get more transmission or hang things up.

Shortcomings are two things I personally don’t like. 1. In this way, the handles they connect to the bungee cords and a small piece of plastic is attached next to the top of the bungee cord, making it difficult to remove when you pull it up. It can be worn on the bungee and locked in place, the same function is also available on the back. The last thing that seems like a big mistake to me is that there is an installation for your oar in the front, but it’s not cut or trimmed or delivered with a top, and if you like the top, you have to pay about 80 dollars more.

These are the only things I don’t like, he doesn’t have a real dry safe without making a big hole in his kayak.

I also think it is an excellent kayak, suitable for any woman who wants to try kayaking, or for someone with less experience who wants to enjoy the sport with her husband or alone.

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Sea Kayak Venus Features 11 Women Kayak


Final reflection

Apart from a few negative points, I think it’s an excellent kayak, suitable for every woman who wants to try kayaking, or for someone with less experience who wants to enjoy the sport with her husband or alone.


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