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For those looking for a versatile tool for a comfortable and relaxing ride, canoeing with the Vapor 12XT in the Old Town is a great way to relax. The Vapor 12XT is the big brother of the Vapor 10XT and offers even more space for you and your cargo. If you’re an oarsman who needs a kayak that can move well on foot in different conditions like lakes, rivers and even some Class II and III rapids, then this is exactly what you need. It is by no means a wild water kayak, but it destroys the environment for which it was designed. The stability and tracking of the kayak are amazing, and the large cockpit contributes to the comfort and speed with which you can get in and out of the kayak. If this has caught your attention, don’t stop and keep reading our old Vapor 12XT recreation canoe and kayak magazine and decide if you should get it or not.

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Landing and loading

One of the most important features of this kayak is the extremely wide cockpit. Getting in and out is child’s play and on long journeys you have enough space to move your hips a little, which makes you much more comfortable. Due to its size, there are also sufficient parking spaces for the seat. Speaking of seats: The Comfort Flex seat is also very comfortable and the leg rests are both soft and adjustable so you can adjust the kayak to your size. The seat stays low and the lips on both sides are sufficient to support the knees and offer much more control, especially in combination with soft leggings and thigh supports. Even after long rowing phases, you shouldn’t feel any pressure. For those who want a few drinks while rowing and even a few snacks, you’ll be pleased to know that the kayak is equipped with a cast iron cup holder and a tray in the cockpit – something to enjoy while fishing.
When talking about cargo, it is worth mentioning that there is a casting tank at the back, which is ideal for live bait, or perhaps a small cooler. There is also a recreational paddle with a bungee cord holder, which is a handy place to store your paddle while fishing or birdwatching. What is a bit disappointing is that the kayak does not have dry storage, which can be a problem for some rowers. The good thing is that it is actually the only minus in the old town for canoes and recreational kayaking Vapor 12XT.

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The design of the Vapor 12XT guarantees two things: Speed and stability. The speed is incredible, especially considering the amount of cargo it can carry, and the kayak is very stable, even at full speed. Manoeuvrability also remains the same, because even with a fully loaded kayak you can easily manoeuvre. It should be noted, however, that due to the size of the cockpit, the design of the Eskimo roller can pose a small problem. Plus, with all the stability the Vapor 12XT offers, you don’t even need an Eskimo roller. However, it is an excellent kayak for different conditions.


If you consider the pros and cons of the Vapor 12XT from Old Town Canoes & Kayaks, you’ll find that only the most demanding rowers find its shortcomings so significant that they don’t buy it. For everyone else, this kayak is a large, spacious and stable unit that can take you, your cargo and even your pet to its destination, provide space for drinks and snacks, and bring you back, all at high speed and in total stability. Honestly, what more do you want?

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