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Kayaking is a great outdoor activity that has been practiced for many years. In the past manufacturers focused on the production of kayaks for adults and children who wanted to experience the thrill of kayaking and had difficulty with it because these kayaks were not suitable for their capacities and size. Fortunately the modern manufacturers realised that this was a mistake and started to produce kayaks specially designed for young rowers. Kayaking has many advantages for children: they become stronger and healthier, have fun and learn small things. With so many kayaks on the market it can be quite difficult to find the kayak that suits your child best. Lately a lot of people have become interested in canoeing and kayaking with Heron Junior Kids of the Old City, so we decided to give a detailed overview of this kayak.

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Why the wave of young people in kayaks that lasts a lifetime?

Old Town Canoes & Kayaks has been active for over 115 years. It is safe to say that it is one of the oldest and most renowned companies in this industry. Not so long ago they enriched this market with a brand new kayak model designed especially for children – the Heron jr.

It is worth mentioning that the Heron series is slightly older and includes many different kayak models, most of which are family friendly. The Heron Jr. kayak, on the other hand, is designed for children. What many children like is that it is easy to manoeuvre when you are in and out, that the kayak is also very manoeuvrable. So even inexperienced children can easily handle this kayak. In order to facilitate the work of the young people, the old town of course decided to reduce the weight of this kayak without sacrificing its stability. In other words, it is a good example of an efficient kayak, especially considering its size. The Heron Jr. kayak glides smoothly and easily and can be positioned in any direction. To ensure maximum comfort for children, the manufacturer has produced comfortable and ergonomic chairs. The entry and exit point is represented by a large cabin, which is also a great advantage.

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What most experts in this model want to emphasize is a special tag along drag system. With this system, parents or guardians can easily remove their children when they are exhausted or tired. As we all know, we can’t expect children to go kayaking intensively from day one, while most of them spend most of the day in front of the computer and television. It is clear that the Tag Along Tow system is there to increase security in case something goes wrong.

It is worth pointing out that Heron Jr. is not only a reduced and simplified version of the existing Heron model. Although it has some characteristics of an older brother, Heron jr. focuses on the needs of children and is structured to match the child’s abilities and maximize results and efforts. This kayak is designed for children from 50 to 100 pounds and has a maximum capacity of 115 pounds. This means that children can use the kayak for a period of time, which should be sufficient to learn more about kayaking and promote their development. The kayak is 7.5 centimeters long and 25 centimeters wide. It weighs about 29 pounds, making it ideal for transport.

The Heron Jr Kayak Club is known for its exceptional stability and interior foam for increased buoyancy. Swimming on the water with this kayak is simple and easy, even for the smallest rowers. It is clear that the designers of this successful children’s kayak model have taken care of all the details and that’s why they spend some time on colour variations. There are two colour options – a cloud with different shades of blue and a sunrise with bright orange and red. Colors here to make the kayak more attractive for children and for more safety.

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In general, it is an excellent kayak for children, ideal for outdoor fun.

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