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Today we wanted to do a product study on a canoe catcher that catches predators. I will give my opinion about this kayak based on many years of kayaking experience.


This is probably the fifth or sixth kayak in the old town that I personally own, including a couple of canoes. So you could say that I’m a big fan of the brand, but it could also be that all my accessories fit the different models, so I’m dedicated.
There are so many functions on the kayak that it is difficult to get a quick overview, so it is difficult to say if it is good in the beginning.

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Jumping directly onto the chair is one of the most comfortable kayak chairs I have ever used. It has the function to appear and disappear for storage, you can sit upright when your kayak and fish appear and click down. Absolutely the best kayaking spot I’ve ever used.

The kayak is about 12 feet long, it is a 12 MX predator, there is a 13 MX predator, a mx predator and a codo predator that contains a saltwater electric motor. It’s the smallest of the three.
On the stern we have a nice and very comfortable loft for pushing or pulling the kayaks, or if you want to use it for saltwater fishing. There is plenty of storage space in the aft deck, including plenty of room for a cooler and a fish box.
If you look at the middle of the kayak there is an incredible amount of space in the kayak, including a lot of legroom in the middle. The centre has a large storage space that can be divided for an extra compartment. It is pre-treated for various accessories, including a fish finder, and comes with a nice belt that can be moved from sitting to standing position, you can stand up, which is very comfortable. Personally, I won’t talk about it in transit.
It comes with a pre-set sensor that works perfectly.

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It also comes with spikes, because kayaks with a top seat have a disposal option of course. A unique feature of the picket holes in the old town is that although the water flows down, it does not rise, which is quite a good feature when you are on the road.
Continue with good dry storage at the top of the kayak, which contains a battery, and you can route your cables to the sensor and lighting system, all you need to power a 12-volt battery, which is quite smooth.
It comes with reed holders and reed protectors so you can put the cane down and it holds the end of the cane so your cane won’t get tangled with other kayaks or brushes.

On the way down, I personally secured the anchor of my carriage to the side. Basically, you can move your anchor back and forth, forward or anywhere by moving the trolley.
There are replaceable plastic deck rails on which equipment and rigging can be mounted. They are easy to replace and the idea is that you never have to drill a hole in the kayak.
If you want to move your kayak with the wheels back and forth, you can tie the kayak up and hold the wheels firmly so that they don’t slide back and forth.
The kayak has a paddle holder that is available on both sides. In the rear part of the kayak we have a couple of extra drain holes to drain the water that gets stuck in the back of the kayak.
On the right side of the kayaks there is an elegant compartment inside where you can put rubber bait or worms to keep them dry and safe.
Like I built my facility, I have a cup holder at the back, a bar holder at the front, which can rotate so that I can move the cup holder the way I want.

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If you want to hang around or use GoPro, the kayak is ready for GoPro, and there are places where you can drop it off. There are a million different accessories you can get for kayaking, it’s almost ridiculous, they fit all different accessory holders.
The impact rope is of very high quality and can hold anything you want. You can install a 20 quartz cooler on the side to get an idea of the storage capacity.
Version I have the camouflage model, but it exists in 5 different colors, including city camouflage, white is black there is cherry camouflage, there is green, I prefer the usual camouflage, dark green and sand color
It also has very strong handles on the back, which are very resistant, making it possible to move easily.

There’s an interchangeable skewer on the back. So if you drag him to the beach instead of fixing the holes in a kayak, you can just buy a new skeg. That’s a good idea, because everyone who carries a kayak knows for a while that he is going to drill a hole in the ground.

He weighs about 72 pounds, all these big kayaks, including the Jackson’s, weigh about the same as they all have on the heavy side and are certainly not light.

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Old city features Predator MX Kayak Overview


Final reflection

I’ve been using this kayak for about two months, I’ve been using it for a while, I love it, and it’s the best kayak I have, and I would definitely buy it again and say it’s the best kayak I think is suitable for fishing.

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