PELICAN Unison 136 The Kayak Tandem Review

If you have a partner, a good friend, a brother or sister, someone who wants to kayak with you, you have two possibilities. One of them buys two single kayaks, the other one a tandem. For situations where you have two people with different capacities and strengths, a tandem kayak is best suited because you can take advantage of the extra speed of two rowers. Another advantage: if you don’t have enough space for two single kayaks, a tandem kayak will take up less space. Finally, a tandem kayak is generally cheaper than two solo kayaks of similar quality, which should not be overlooked. If that’s what you need, a Pelican Unison 136T tandem kayak could be a good choice. This is a well-designed kayak with plenty of space for people and storage, and it offers a level of performance and comfort you can’t wish for. If you have any questions, read the full review of the Pelican Unison 136T tandem kayaks and decide if you need one.

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Then why a pelican?

This kayak was designed using extensive computer simulations for novice and advanced rowers, resulting in reduced resistance and significantly higher speed in low flow rivers and lakes. The body is manufactured using TST (Twin Sheet Thermoforming) technology, using RAM-X Premium material, a multi-layer polyethylene. The top layer is made of an advanced resin that gives it a shiny surface and guarantees the strength and stiffness that a single-layer polyethylene body can only dream of. The multi-row, flat-bottomed body with keel extension provides excellent directional stability and manoeuvrability. The kayak has a capacity of 500 pounds, which is enough, and a flat bottom makes it easy to load the kayak when you’re on the ground before launching it.

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Storage is in the form of a waterproof quick fastener at the back and an elastic bungee cord in the nose that holds objects that must be easily accessible. The tailgate also comes with a 60-litre bag for storing basic necessities. However, there have often been situations where the hatch didn’t look so tight and some objects inside got wet, so be careful how you use it.

Comfort is one thing you don’t have to worry about. The cockpit is quite spacious, making getting in and out very easy, and you have an adjustable leg support system that gives you 18 positions over 14 inches. There is also the Ergoband seating system with a soft floor and backrest for extra comfort. In the middle you will find a cockpit table with a bottle holder and a 5-inch hatch for safely storing small utensils such as your keys. There is also a bottle holder in the front position and a slightly smaller table in the cockpit.

The performance is excellent, the kayak maintains its speed, but you can also manoeuvre with ease. The tracking is pretty good and the kayak holds its line without hesitation. A kayak is actually very good, especially for small lakes or shallow rivers where it is superior.

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I mean, there are some things you won’t like about kayaking. The only problem may be the possibility of water entering the front hatch, but if you protect your objects well, this problem can easily be solved. Moreover, the performance, storage space and comfort of the Pelican Unison 136T are more than sufficient for its price range. Additional features such as bottle holders, knife holders and carrying handles are therefore available to make your journey as pleasant as possible. It is also made of high quality materials, which means that it cannot be damaged as easily as some designs, which can be an important factor. If you want a decent tandem kayak that doesn’t run over the banks, this is your best choice.

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