Perception Carolina 14 Kayak

Today we are going to talk about one of the most popular kayaks on the market in our overview series. Perception of Carolina 14 kayaks. For our review we have consulted and tested Carolina to give you detailed information about what you need to know.

Perception is a company that has been active for more than 30 years. It’s one of the best kayaking companies. We know they were one of the first to do plastic kayaking.

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Introduction :

The first thing that comes out of the perception of Carolina 14 when you encounter it is that it is a very manageable, easy to follow yak with a good price-quality ratio. The concept of the Carolina 14 is known as a good kayak, which is characterized by the fact that it offers the user a certain comfort and a kayak that is easy to handle while still remaining sturdy.



The Perception Carolina 14 is known for its very smooth operation and allows you to reach a high speed on any type of water you use. It stands out as a very fast boat for a good price.

Carolina has been tested and is known to tolerate slow moving rivers, ponds, large and small lakes. Maybe it can be used at sea, but I don’t know if I would recommend it for the ocean, because waves and wind can be a problem to turn around.

The boat is known to be very well adapted to the edge. Despite the fact that it is a larger yak and can even maneuver through the coil springs without too much effort (this can be made easier with the purchase of the steering wheel).

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If you’re looking for the kayak. It is clear that you want to modernise your installation or get something that offers much more space. The small version of this kayak is also very good, but the obvious improvement for the price is the extra space that makes it an excellent kayak for anyone over 1.80m or over £180. You will notice that this kayak is big and can support your big legs and weight.

The Perception Carolina 14 has a waterproof rear bulkhead that provides ample storage for every ride. This extra storage space is especially suitable for overnight stays and makes it possible to pack almost everything.

The friend who used this kayak weighed over 250 pounds and had no problem getting in and out and maneuvering.


The price of this kayak is very reasonable, especially for upgrading other sizes; it offers much more space.


The kayak is very fast, which is a great advantage, combined with the fact that it is also very light. This makes it the ideal kayak equipment for beginners and experienced paddlers.


There were not many disadvantages to using the Carolina, but there were a few that most kayaks had in common, but some small considerations that are well discussed.

In the first place, the chair is a bit comfortable, but it can be improved. The chair is very thin and designed as if it were meant for someone in a lower weight class, although the boat itself seems to be built for someone of a larger size. Customers usually install an aftermarket seat, which can cost up to a hundred dollars plus installation.

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Also for a larger person in the 200 pound weight range. The hip rests on the kayak can be too tight.

It is known that kayak stems break after heavy use because the screws are not tight enough.

Finally, and I know this is common for any kayak of this size, the perception of the Caroline 14 can be a little difficult to control in the curves.


Manoeuvring the Carolina 14 in very windy and twisting currents can be a problem because the size of the boat is not designed for this and it can be difficult to turn in the current.

The kayak doesn’t go by bike. But you don’t need it, because it goes exactly where you want it, no problem. You may want to consider one of these solutions if you are enjoying a very windy environment and the wind is controlling your back. If you want to kayak in a very windy environment, I generally advise you to take the helm.

Where to buy the kayak Caroline Perception 14:

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Kayaks Perception Official Website
2014 User Manual



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