Perception Tribe 11.5 Review by Kayak

Although there are many brands that make both kayaks and kayak accessories, it will be hard to find a company that has been around as long as Perception and has made so many quality products. They offer a wide range of kayaks with over fifteen different product families, and you’re sure to find something to suit your needs and specifications. They also have the property that they rarely make a bad product and, whatever you buy from them, the chance of mistakes is very small.

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Then why the perceptual rod?

Although they have something for everyone they excel at, these round kayaks are made for everyone, suitable for rowers of all sizes and can take you anywhere, quickly and safely. This means that when you are looking for the next kayak to take you on an adventure, the kayaks of Perception are one of the starting points. Talking about the Perception round kayaks, one of the absolutely remarkable models is the Perception 11.5 seated kayak. It is the big brother of Tribe 9.5 and as such it offers you incredible performance and storage capacity without being too big and heavy. If this kayak is similar to the one you are looking for, read the full list and see if you need to contact your local dealer.

The 11.5 trunk is an excellent example. It is a solo kayak that has gained speed over its little brother and also has improved storage facilities. The perception of the use of a high quality polyethylene plastic, custom made, with a special rotation moulding process, resulting in a very strong and durable construction. The integral design and choice of materials make Tribe UV and impact resistant, and this durability will last with you for many years to come. The coating is available in different thicknesses, giving it extra strength when needed and avoiding unnecessary weight. In addition to its durability, the chuck is supplied with a replaceable sliding plate that provides a wear-resistant surface. And by the way, if you have more than one, they can be stacked.
The kayak has plenty of storage space, the bow is equipped with a small tank and a large sunken aft tank, and both are equipped with bungee cables to attach and detach your equipment on deck. There is also a top plate with a cat cushion for the seat to store your most important items and a moulded bottle holder within easy reach. All this is more than enough for a long day, and you can take anything you might need and more.
In terms of performance and comfort, Tribe 11.5 offers a lot of both, and you won’t feel disadvantaged in any department. It is fun to surf lightly, but as soon as it gets interesting, it is fast and manoeuvrable. Maintaining speed is not a problem, especially when it comes to the length of the body. In terms of comfort, the kayak is equipped with the comfort seat system, which includes an adjustable and removable seat with high backrest and padding, so you won’t feel uncomfortable even after long kayaking trips. The shaped feet give you plenty of room to wiggle and allow you to change position during the day. The kayak is also equipped with soft carrying handles for the stern and the nose, as well as shaped side handles that allow the kayak to be carried to the launch ramp, to the car or even around low water areas.

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For the already mentioned fact that perception rarely makes a bad kayak as true as this model. If you’ve read the entire Perception Tribe 11.5 flat-bottomed kayak review, you’ll know that this model will bring you a lot and that you’ll be able to spend long days without feeling lacking in comfort and performance, and you’ll find plenty of excuses to wear anything you might need.

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