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The Emotion Temptation kayak is sturdy, light, stable and ideal for beginners in kayaking. It’s a perfect description of a kayak trying to feel with a seat. For the first time I wanted to buy a kayak that was easy to handle and could be used every week on the lake, and this boat is perfect for that. Another thing I like about temptation is its price. For $960 it was the perfect price for me and she gave me everything I needed. For its price, it has a lot to offer. I’m not the strongest, so one of the things that made me want to be in this kayak is the weight. For a 10 foot kayak the weight (56 pounds and a support of 275 pounds) was perfect for me because I always went camping or travelling with it and I had to carry it long distances behind my shoulders. It meant a lot to me because I’m not the strongest. This is the main reason why I chose Sidewinder Temptation of Emotions. As a new kayaker, I liked being able to sit. It was very easy to get in and out, and it was great for me because I always had trouble getting in and out of kayaks and canoes. If you are a newcomer, a beginner or a kayaker, I highly recommend it and tell you that this kayak is for you. It is also designed with free legs for a safe and very comfortable leg attachment.

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Specifications and benefits:


The Emotion Temptation is a kayak on a chair, which makes it light and extremely flexible. He weighs 56 pounds, has a weight of 275 pounds and is extremely light for a 10 foot kayak of this type. It is equipped with a Ledge Lock paddle holder on the side of the kayak that holds the paddle when not in use. At the bow of the kayak there is an emergency hatch in case you need to store extra gear or belongings. Behind the seat there is a place with an elastic band under which you can safely store your stuff, which is very handy for tools like the sticks I used to use to do this. The kayak is manufactured with the ST PERFORMANCE bodywork, which gives you a better runway and stability. The kayak itself is made of linear polyethylene plastic, resistant and UV-protected.

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The quality of emotional seduction is amazing. This not only extends the lifespan, but also improves the travel experience. For the boat itself, they use an amazing material, such as a UV-protected linear polyethylene plastic cast in a rotor form.


One thing that is important to me, given the time I spend in a kayak, is comfort. With the extra seated kayaks it is extremely spacious and ideal for large and high kayaks. It is equipped with the CRS (Comfort Rest System) and has a comfortable seat with a large support and a practical folding function when needed. The backrest is very comfortable and soft, but for the lower part it’s up to you. Usually I put a towel under the towel when I want to jump and swim, which brings me to the next point.


Because the temptation of emotion is a sitting kayak, it brings many advantages. One of the great advantages of the seating function is that you can easily get in and out. Kayaking on the lake, a feeling of warmth and drought? Silence! Silence! I’m just gonna jump and swim a little bit. Is it time to go back? It’s no problem. It’s very easy to come back without flooding it.

Performance indicators:

The quality of Emotion Temptations undoubtedly contributes to its performance. The design makes the tracking excellent, which is an excellent quality for a long kayak trip. It’s also going fast enough, really good for the rest of the kayak’s price.


One of the disadvantages of the Temptation of Emotion is its accessibility. Because of its size and weight it is really hard to carry. It cannot be installed in a car, which means you have to use a roof rack that is difficult to attach and remove from kayaks. It is also a 3-meter kayak, so it can be difficult for some people to carry and take it with them. Another of the few refusals is that he scratches himself a lot. Although the damage is minor, it is always considered to be damage, but certainly not vital. It is easy to repair, and there are many ways to fix it and repair it.

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Final reflection:

After I bought him as the first kayak, he stood out above my expectations, especially as far as the price was concerned. If I had the chance to go back in time, I would choose another kayak for the same price without thinking I would definitely choose the Sidewinder Temptation Emotion.

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