Review of Hobie Mirage Sport Kayak

The Hobie kayak is a short and light 9 foot 7 inch kayak that is perfect as a universal kayak for recreation or fishing.

The first major innovation of Mirage Sport is the mobile chair. The seat is designed for kayaks of different heights and can be moved forwards or backwards to ensure a perfect fit for short and wide kayaks.

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Like all new Hoby kayaks, the Mirage Sport is a pedal kayak equipped with the Hoby MirageDrive system. MirageDrive is a pedal system that uses two underwater fins to propel the boat. The MirageDrive is a fishing dream come true because it offers real volume control, allowing you to concentrate on fishing without getting tired of a rudder. If you use pedals instead of a rudder, you can cover more water at a higher speed with less effort when launching, rolling, shooting or just having a sip of your favourite drink.

The Mirage Sport Deck is equipped with a 6-inch swivel round hatch with seals at the front, a navigation accessory holder (or for use with an optional sail kit), the Hobie MirageDrive, an 8-inch swivel round hatch with seals, a steering handle, 4 moulded shelves, 2 integrated glass holders, 2 moulded rod holders, a large load compartment at the rear.

The Hobie Mirage Sport is an excellent choice for those looking for a compact and lightweight kayak with pedals. It is less than 3 metres long, weighs only 48 pounds and 225 pounds. Easily portable and transportable, the Mirage Sport is an excellent choice for solo kayakers who often need to carry, load and board the boat without the help of a partner or friend.

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Then why the Hoby Mirage sports kayak?

Most people’s feet are much stronger than their arms and shoulders, giving the kayak the extra torque needed to move faster.

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The sport of the Mirage is confident that it will not make a fool of itself, but it remains a great fishing model. It is an extremely stable boat, just over 2 meters long and weighing 225 pounds, so it is really popular with children and lighter people, but I have seen some people catch 50 pounds of fish in the sea with this thing, so anything is possible.

When they build a small boat, they usually turn to this relaxation area and make the auctions more compact for the small user, but the big advantage of the Hobie sport is that all the remakes are used for a larger bowel like in the Outback, but they have made it sharper so it cuts the water better and there is a much less false bottom, they have built a large hatch over it and have redecorated the cockpit space with pockets and matt shelves for utensils and all kinds of extras in this large small boat.

Not much has changed on the new model, just a few extra features on the saddle and the ride of the Mirage to keep the water out and make the work easier.

The total length of the kayak is 9 feet 7 inches. 29 ½ Inches wide – 45 pounds. The weight capacity is 225 pounds. It’s a very light kayak, one of the easiest things to do in Hoby. It comes with a Mirage, with which you can paddle or canoe as you wish.

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It comes standard with two-piece trainsets, a very comfortable seat for storing gates at the rear. The front storage opening is 6 inches wide and the latch is open and closed. Another 8-inch wide storage space is located just below the seat that opens and has a small gear tray inside that’s close to you and allows you to use it easily for what you want, for the kind of fish you’re looking for that day.

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The steering knob is located to the right of the seed and the pull handle to the left to lower the recorder or extend the steering wheel.

Another interesting feature of this kayak is the extra rubber strap, which allows you to lock your kayak with the paddle next to you and easily take it out or put it back, depending on what you want to do. They also recommend that you always carry the kayak paddle with you in case the Hobby drive system stops working.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Hoby Mirage Sportkayaks


  • Light load
  • Ideal for small people and children
  • exceptionally fast due to the narrow shape of the room
  • It’s easy to take the Mirage system out of the water if you try to bring it back to the starting point.
  • powerful
  • can easily pass larger waves, like 1.5” waves.
  • as an excellent selling option to change your kayak and make it faster.
  • Some comments indicate that the chair provides exceptional support in the lower back and others indicate that the chair does not provide sufficient support, so you may need to purchase a service seat.


  • A cord that helps to pull the steering wheel can become damaged with age You can replace the cord.
  • Due to its small size, there is not much disk space and the updates are diverse.
  • huge costs
  • Beware of scrapers in shallow water as they can cause interruptions resulting in wear and tear of parts or oars.
  • Lack of pens on both sides
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The Hobie Mirage Sport is a great kayak if you’re trying to get into combat kayaks or just want a good, improved model. The price of a kayak is slightly higher, which may discourage many users from buying it, but the kayak is really worth the extra price. The kayak itself is made for short people, so if you weigh over 200 pounds it might not be the right kayak for you, and maybe a bigger kayak would be better for you. The kayak is equipped with a pedal system and an outboard engine that has all the features of the Hobie. In any case, we recommend it if you have money to save.

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