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Hey, everyone came back with another comment, Old Town Vapor 10 comment. Before I tell you about the old town of 10 Feet Vapor 10, I have to tell you that I’m generally an angler’s kayaker. I prefer their stability to the speed and manoeuvrability of a normal kayak. Some of my friends wanted to go kayaking, to visit a friend who had moved to live on the shore of a fairly large and restless lake. They insisted I have a kayak too, and I didn’t want to use the trembling animals they preferred. I found the old town 10 feet from Vapor 10 at an average price in my budget and bought it after reading the information. It arrived quickly, but I couldn’t use it right away.

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As soon as I hit the water, I must say I was very pleased with this model. It seems the Vapor 10 was perfect for my needs. I especially liked the legroom and the stable base. Although I’m two meters tall and embarrassingly close to the maximum weight of this model, I didn’t feel as uncomfortable as the models my friends like to use.

If we should only mention one brand of kayaks that always delivers quality products, it’s the kayaks from the old town. The company founded by A.E. Wickett built its first wooden canoe and dug-out canoe in 1898 on the basis of an Indian birch canoe, which was much easier and more difficult to maintain.

Technologically advanced kayaks are still made in the old town, although the kayaks are still built with the same attention to detail as the originals.

The company is located in the northeast of Maine on the Penobscot River. So you know what you’re buying from a company with a real American legacy.
So let’s take a look at the old town of Vapor 10 Kayak and who we think is needed.

The old city describes it this way: you get in and out of your kayak, you take the things you want to take with you, you put them in your kayak, you get in and you leave.

Large resting kayak, following far behind.

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What was especially nice was that the stability and the open hood allowed me to support my legs and stretch them from time to time, so I didn’t have all the tingling that seems to torture me when I use other kayaks. After all, I didn’t fish in a kayak, so I didn’t need a paddle. If they were here, I’d do a good job fishing in a boat. The light Vapor 10 was very good because it weighs only 5 kg more than the backpack I walk with. I swear my friends gave me a black look, how easy it was for me to move this thing when we went abroad for a while. The only thing I didn’t really need was a cup holder. I keep a camel without a bottle and at the end I tie myself on the back with my stuff. I’m sure it’s good for some people, but not for me. It would be a good place to keep spare bait or pliers, at least while fishing.

This is a recreational kayak that provides freshwater fun on class I lakes, ponds and rivers. If you are looking for a white-water kayak, we advise you to look elsewhere. If you are an experienced kayaker, you have the knowledge not to buy a recreational kayak for this purpose. So if you want a kayak that is perfect for rowing or fishing in rivers or lakes, a couple of 10 lanes is really good for those conditions.

Suitable for large kayaks

With a maximum load of 275 to 325 pounds we prefer a larger kayak.

Reading the comments of the users of this old kayak one could see that the capacity of this kayak was highly appreciated, as is the case here;

If you like kayaking and don’t know which one to buy, it is a good buy, especially if you are a bit too big like me and need a bigger kayak.

First of all, a big cockpit is great for a big guy like me to get in and out. There is sufficient room for cargo.


  • Length: 10 feet
  • Width: 28.5 inches
  • Cab dimensions: 19.5 x 48 inches
  • Depth: 16.75 inches.
  • Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! 48 GBP
  • Capacity: 275 to 325 pounds
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  • Kayak style
  • Stable, comfortable
  • Manoeuvrable housing is well suited for lakes and ponds
  • Comfort Seat Flex XT with soft backrest
  • Adjustable leg rests
  • Pallet integrated in the cockpit
  • Cup winner
  • Starday
  • Integrated paddle stop
  • Measures 10 feet long
  • weighing in at 48 pounds

Examples of customer testimonials

There are not many responses to Old Town Vapor 10 Kayak, but most of the responses we found were excellent.

Positive customer feedback

The onion is larger than a normal kayak, which makes it perfectly manoeuvrable. I always get compliments about that kayak. The hat shelf is ideal for a small cooler and other equipment you can take with you.
– U.S.A.

I’m very pleased with this kayak. It is solid, well managed and fits in the cargo space of my truck. The only thing you can be sure of is that you have a long paddle.
– P.S.

Negative customer feedback

I’ve had kayaks that were better.  Looks like every punch is a little more rockin’.
– M.B.

Features of the old town of par 10 kayak

You can choose between two sports colours for this kayak or between red or blue clouds at sunrise, or you can choose to have your kayak stand out on any waterway. The kayak offers a stable and comfortable ride and is equipped with an adjustable soft seat and adjustable leg rests and hip cushions to maintain a comfortable rowing position.

It also has a rest paddle that is thrown on the kayak so you can let it rest while you feed, fish or take pictures.

The dashboard cockpit features a cup holder and storage space for small items, as well as sturdy handles built into the kayak, making it much easier to load and unload your gear.

As with the other chair models, the stern day fountain is a truly remarkable design element of this former kayaking town. The way it’s built means your equipment stays dry and above the waves, instead of being stored in the cargo hold of the Vapor 10.

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There is an improved and more expensive model of this Old Town Vapor 10 XT kayak.

The main difference is that it has one bag a day to protect your devices from the elements, plus extra space for your portable electronic devices and the iPad, which has room for the bungee.


We found it to be an excellent kayak, light, stable and easy to use, from a company that has an excellent reputation for producing quality products. The Old Town Vapor 10 recreational kayaks in our books are an excellent investment with strong consumer recommendations. Comfortable kayaks for those who just want to get out of the water. Rowing kayaks are stable and easy to manoeuvre, making them a stable boat.

It’s not the kind of kayak that brings you to the door, but on the other hand it’s not meant to be. What I used it for, it was wonderfully good. The waves were surprisingly large due to the size and wind of the lake, but he managed to cover them without any problem and I never had the feeling that I would fall over if I was wrong. Compared to the canoes I’m used to, the kayak was of course much more manoeuvrable, but without losing certain aspects of the canoes I like so much. I doubt I can use the canoe again now that I have it.

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