Review of Point 65 Martini Kayak

Do you like fishing? Do you need flexible, light and easy to transport equipment that fits in every car, multifunctional and stable equipment for fishing or a family trip? That’s a kayak for you! This kayak is a 9.5-foot kayak and weighs 295 pounds plus 45 pounds.

It is a multipurpose kayak that can be useful if you want to explore the water with your family one day, or one day on your own! With this kayak you can add two extra parts/seats so you can paddle your whole family in the same kayak! And it’s easy to put them together! As fascinating as it sounds, I’m not the only one thinking about it!

Often, while I was building and dismantling the kayak, strangers came in and started talking about it and asking questions about all kinds of things. It is the most stable kayak I have ever used in my life and it is the only one I use. For the race? No, this boat wasn’t designed for that. The boat is also very spacious, I also like fishing. You can install all necessary materials. Do you have a problem? I can’t put a kayak in the trunk of my car! I just took it apart, which took me a minute. There are advantages and disadvantages to this kayak, but the advantages certainly outweigh the disadvantages.

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The main reason why I thought to buy this kayak was the best feature – the ability to take the boat apart. With a family car (Toyota VENZA) my wife and I have never been able to find a kayak that fits in. We would never have been able to buy a roof rack, because that would have increased the weight of the car, which would have cost a lot more fuel, because it would also have been very difficult to unload the boat from the roof rack. After the seasons we finally found the perfect kayak, at our prices of 1000-1500 and the availability of places.

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The other reason we got this boat is that it was very flexible. I could easily store all parts of the kayak on the back seat of my Toyota Venza, all I had to do was take a bolt on each part and put it in the trunk of my car! If you don’t have enough space in the trunk, you can easily put one piece on top of the other!

The other reason I wanted this kayak is that it was the first family kayak, so it was very easy to handle for beginners in kayaking. As I said before, kayaks are very stable and durable (the only time a kayak fell over was when my daughter tried to get her teddy bear back, which she dropped in the lake!

I love this boat and recommend it, because you can have your family next to you and practice your favorite hobby. It’s the best boat it has to offer, and if I had the chance, I wouldn’t buy anything else!

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Despite all perfection, this boat still has some flaws. One of these flaws is durability. Because he knows he can attach extra parts or seats, he wears out the kayak by turning it on and off. After a while there are also bumps, scratches and all kinds of small things. Thanks to his broad body he is certainly on the slow side, but for recreational kayaking he has an acceptable speed. This kayak is certainly only meant for relaxation. One of the reasons I didn’t want to buy this kayak is that my legs are very long and there isn’t much space, but of course only when you’re big. I also noticed that the cabin is very small and that you feel very comfortable.

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Even considering the slowness and durability I would say it was the kayak my family and I loved the most. Spacious, comfortable and stable, this is one of the reasons why my family and I go to the lake and kayak every week (sometimes we go fishing). If you are a family man, a kayak beginner, if you need a spacious kayak to fish, if you need to transport kayaks easily, this is the BEST kayak for you!

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