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Would you like to spend your next holiday on a cruise on the soft sea? Or do you want to go down the river? The Bald Eagle 370 is a versatile instrument for everything. It is very portable, and although you can take up to three people with your equipment, only one of them needs to wear it. The material is also strong enough to withstand claws and paws so you can take your pet with you. At the end of the day you can put the SE370 in a storage bag and take it home. But what makes her so special?

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Characteristics of the eagle 370

  • The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NAMA) is certified.
  • Supplied with an open and closed drain valve
  • Characteristics of the five luxury valves that represent a possibility
  • Housing resistant to sun and salt water
  • Comes with inflatable rock syringes.
  • Suggestions I – Block floor construction
  • 2 Skegas on the bottom for better tracking and speed
  • Supplied complete with pressure gauge, printed manual and repair kit.
  • Nose and tail swing line

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Deluxe Tandem Kit – TheDeluxe Tandem Kit for Eagle 370 contains several options. It has all the features of the standard Sea Eagle 370 series, plus a high-quality ABS foot pump, carrying case and three cameras.

Pro Package – ThePro Package is probably the most popular for the Sea Eagle 370. This model is also available with all the usual features and comes with a durable milky 38 polyacrylate.

QuickSail Package – You may not want to use the kayaks to get away as quickly as possible. The Sea Eagle 370 Fast Sail Package is the solution to this problem.

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Sport Fishing Package – Everyone loves fishing, and if you had a kayak exclusively for this activity, it would be great! For example, the Sea Eagle sportfish bag contains a versatile storage box with two rod holders.


Universality is an important factor in the use of the Bald Eagle 370. It works well in different situations, from calm water where you might want to fish, to stormy rivers and gorges, it’s all possible to a large extent. It is equipped with inflatable chairs, which can also be removed by accident, and you can move them to better adapt to your chairs. The kayak is designed to carry up to three people and their equipment with a maximum weight of 650 pounds. However, the kayak itself weighs only 32 pounds and can easily be stored in a storage bag. The cargo space increases versatility because you don’t have to worry about having your things everywhere when you’re in the water or your snacks outdoors. This model is equipped with a self-starting drain valve that can be used in wild water rivers or on the seabed. Trajectory and speed are controlled by a pair of cast skegs to ensure maximum rowing power and smooth kayaking in the water.

Long lifespan

We all know that that’s the key to a good kayak, because without that you can eventually get rid of the kayak in favour of a modernized model, and that’s not what you want, is it? The material used for the SE370 Eagle, Polyclair, has an additional thickness of 33 millimetres, which means it will certainly stand the test of time. It also allows you to take your pet with you on your next holiday, and you don’t have to worry if it gets hurt with its paws or claws on the kayak. The kayak has three rooms and the construction is solid and durable. It’s designed to take a beating and keep working as if nothing had happened, and it’s doing pretty well. The welds have a capacity of 10,000 volts, which ensures that the pieces of material will melt for years.

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Although it doesn’t quite feel like a plastic kayak, the Sea Eagle SE370 will get you moving. It’s also worth mentioning that it’s very easy to have fun on your own, so you won’t have a problem going somewhere alone.

Hire the best customers –

  • High-quality materials and seams ensure that it lasts forever and catches the blow.
  • It can be emptied in a few minutes and placed in a storage bag that takes up very little space.
  • It’s easy to have fun and maneuver, whether you’re alone or with someone else.
  • Loading space for all the equipment you want to take with you.
  • You don’t have to worry about your pets hurting her.

Most common adverse reactions –

  • Not everyone will like the chairs, and a lack of backrest can be an obstacle to agreement.
  • No attachment points (only at the ends where the mudguards are mounted).


In summary, if you are looking for a universal kayak for yourself or for you and one or two others, this is a very good deal. The Sea Eagle 370 is a high quality kayak, made of high quality stitching and durable materials that you can take with you in different conditions. It’s easy to maneuver, and once you start it, it lets you move on. What’s more, you can always carry it in a bag and then blow it out – it’s a piece of cake. Because there’s nothing to love.

Details : Comments from the premium owner

Po: Maryann Kerfman

One of the biggest advantages of the Bald Eagle 370 is its inflatability. It makes it easier to take it anywhere. Usually people don’t have room for fiberglass kayaks and it’s very difficult to move them from one place to another, so it was perfect for me.

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I also hate kayaking alone, so this Sea Eagle kayak allows me to take another person into the water. As a retiree I was a little uncomfortable buying them online without having seen them before. But when the package arrived, I was very happy with it. Now we’re planning weekend trips to all the lakes in the area where I can use a kayak, and I love it.

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