Review of Sun Dolphin Bali 8

Hey, guys, we were supposed to watch Aruba’s Kayak 8s today. It’s a one-man kayak. It usually comes with various accessories, with the exception of the paddle, although some versions come with a paddle that I would be willing to order for this kayak.

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Then why the sunny dolphin Bali 8?

They say a kayak can carry up to 190 pounds. However, if you weigh over 160 pounds you will find that it is very low for water and not really designed for the ideal heavy man, I would say 150-160 pounds to get the most out of this kayak.
I’m telling you, it’s no longer a professional kayak for professional anglers or white surfers falling off the cliffs. However, if you want to go to the cabin or quickly start kayaking for a short cruise, you can certainly use the Bali 8 Sun Dolphin.
The backrest is very comfortable and the only thing you have noticed is that the whole boat is generally well built and comfortable to maneuver and take things with you. This kayak is built for calm water and to sail on calm rivers and lakes. I don’t think I would recommend this kayak for sea kayakers, but especially for recreational kayakers looking for a fun toy.
The kayak is quite stable, but because of its small dimensions following the kayak will take a bit of work, but it’s not that bad, and that’s exactly what you expect from such a small model.
The material is hard, not too weak and thin.
The kayak itself weighs about 45 pounds, which means it is easy to lift for a reasonably decent man, but a lighter weight or small people can have some problems and need help with lifting.
It has a good waterproof container in the back where you can store various items like phone keys or other things you might have.
He has beautiful pencils that he wears on both sides.
He’s got bungee cords on his back so you can carry your stuff.
Kayaks have a very elegant design. What I’ve learned, since kayaks usually don’t have oars, we’ve brought a lot of spare oars, there are a lot of labels, we advise you to take a look in our Rowing Guide to help you choose a rowing guide.
The seat cushion is comfortable. On very long journeys, however, this is not very good because the lip is close to the top of the seat, in the lower back, and can dig in. In addition to the seat, there is also a holder for drinks or something similar under the seat.

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Features of the Bali Solar Dolphin 8

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The pros and cons of the Sunny Dolphin Bali 8 Sitting on the topkayak


  • The right price
  • Good dry storage
  • Low weight


  • Tracking isn’t that great.
  • The seat is uncomfortable on long journeys.
  • The weight limit is not recommended for more than 155 pounds.


The Sun Dolphin Bali 8 is not designed for professional kayaking, but if you have a cabin or just want to paddle relaxed without worrying too much about your specific kayak, this kayak can be made for you. The price is definitely one of the great sellers of this kayak, if you have enough to get a newer version I would have a 10-foot sink or a better kayak, but it is a good kayak for beginners in rowing or something for the cottage or friends to get together for the weekend.

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