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Some people do not need an inflatable kayak because they prefer to enjoy the speed and stability of a hard hull model. Hard-shell models are known to last longer, be easier and faster to handle and have higher weight tolerances. They also generally offer more comfortable seating because you don’t have to twist and turn in the cockpit like inferior inflatables would do. However, if you’re buying a hard-shell kayak you’d better get a model that doesn’t weigh too much so you can move it around and pack it up when you get home. It can be difficult to find a kayak because many models compromise on weight or are too expensive. However, if you read our review of Riot Kayaks Edge 13 LV, you will understand why you as a person with above mentioned preferences and need for such specifications should not miss this kayak when making your purchases.

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About 13 LV and its characteristics

This kayak is an excellent combination of important features and shape. The design is designed to provide primary and secondary stability that you can feel as soon as you step on it. What’s more, it’s not about in the water, making it a great tool for those who want to do ancillary activities in a kayak, such as fishing or photography, and an excellent kayak for beginners. It is made of polyethylene flooring, which is a good option when it comes to both performance and durability. Tracking is made possible by a retractable skeleton and is guaranteed under various conditions. The Edge 13 LV is designed to respond to any of your shots, making it smooth and easy to accelerate and rotate. You will be amazed by his performance, which leaves nothing to be desired.

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After construction and discussion, the most important thing in the discussion about kayaks comfort. What’s the advantage of a kayak with lots of extra features and an incredible speed if you don’t feel comfortable with it? To solve this problem, the Edge 13 LV is equipped with a custom-made seating system and a large cockpit space. The cockpit is also equipped with integrated hip rests and adjustable footrests, so you can adjust the cockpit to your height and body without having to worry about rowing. You won’t have any problems, even after a long rowing session.

Last but not least, anyone buying a kayak will probably want to bring some equipment with them, and storage is an important thing to keep in mind when buying a kayak. With this in mind, Riot Kayaks Edge 13 LV offers you two watertight compartments with bulkheads, front and rear, and both have double hatches to protect your equipment. There are many compartments for your equipment, whether it’s fishing or photographic equipment, or even overnight equipment. You won’t be able to welcome them too much because they’re not very big, but you should be able to take the essence with you without any problems.

If the above convinces you to buy this kayak, it is normal that you also know its flaws. There are only two, but for some of them they can be an obstacle to the agreement. First of all, the chair has a slight tendency to move when you are rowing, and you may have difficulty adjusting the chair when you are lying in the water. Then, thanks to the construction, it is possible to bring water into the front part of the boat, but this can easily be solved if you are more careful when rowing.

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If you’re looking for a hard-hull kayak that doesn’t break the bank while offering unrivalled performance in its price range, you can’t go wrong. Yes, there are some peculiarities here and there, but if you compare that with the benefits you get from it, you will find that they are absolutely negligible. Simply put: They can’t find a good reason to stop you buying.

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