Saturn 13 ft Inflatable Kayak Expedition Review

Expedition kayaks are designed for adventurers who want to explore miles of wildlife at once. They may not have all the frills of a fishing kayak or the extreme comfort of a good kayak, but they offer enough accessories to make your adventure enjoyable, and a level of comfort that will not make you regret the adventure in general. But even when the kayak market is saturated, it can be difficult to find the right kayak for your adventure when storage space is limited. Here comes the 13-foot Saturn Red Expedition inflatable kayak. It’s a large two-seater ship from Saturn, and it’s built to withstand anything you want to throw at it, no problem. Read on for a complete overview of Saturn’s 13-foot Saturn Inflatable Kayak Expedition, and see if it’s the next thing you need to buy for your wilderness adventure.

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Then why is Saturn a 13-foot kayak?

The construction of the kayaks is excellent. It is made of a highly resistant PVC 1100 Dtex fabric, coated on both sides. Although this may seem too scientific for the average consumer, it is important that the tissue is thick enough and resistant to puncture and abrasion. It is built to withstand anything that can easily be thrown at it without touching an eyelid. You don’t have to worry at all about stones that could damage it, and the design allows you to use it on white rivers, bays, lakes and even the sea if you like. The floor consists of a bridge of high pressure air, which means you can blow it up and it becomes an extremely rigid platform. When you’re done, just blow it up and you can roll it up and pack it. All this makes the kayak an excellent adventure tool that you can store and take with you when space is at a premium, and a necessity for any campsite, caravan or other situation where it is the key to a portable ship.

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In terms of comfort, the kayak is equipped with two removable attachments that can be attached almost anywhere on the kayak. You can use it as a backrest or sit on it while rowing, which you find most comfortable. However, it is worth mentioning that the kayak is equipped with pre-installed D-rings that allow you to install up to one or two kayak seats, depending on the space you have left. You can also place type IV cushions under the seats so you can lift them up and sit comfortably on the bottom of the kayak. In general, you get a decent comfort that can easily be improved by buying a better chair.

When it comes to speed and stability, Saturn’s 13-foot inflatable expedition kayak is great. It is surprisingly fast and incredibly stable, and the four plastic fins on the underside offer more directional stability than you might think. The kayak is also fairly easy to manoeuvre, but don’t forget that it is designed for more experienced rowers and beginners may have problems with it.

The bearing’s a little blurry with the kayak. Although there is space in the front and rear seats and the storage space is splashed, you will not find hard, waterproof storage space and you are rather limited in what you can take with you.

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Under all circumstances, this kayak is an excellent tool for any adventurer. The design is good and offers speed, stability and agility, and you can be sure that it will withstand the rigors – even if it comes on rough terrain when exploring wildlife, it won’t hurt and will serve you for years to come. You get a decent level of comfort that can be easily upgraded, and the best part is that you can store it in the trunk of your car and keep it anywhere in your home – it takes up little space and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

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