Sea Eagle 330 Tandem

Overview of the Bald Eagle 330

Are you looking for an inflatable kayak for one or two persons, suitable for all situations, from relaxing days on the lake to class III rapids? The Sea Eagle SE330 inflatable kayak is versatile, comfortable, easy and fun to use.

The Sea Eagle 330 is an inflatable two-seater kayak that is easy to transport, inflate, paddle, inflate and affordable. The Sea Eagle retains its brand and reputation as an eagle with one of the best kayaking lines available. But that’s not the only feature of this inflatable kayak, it’s also built of powerful, ultra-thin K-80 polycrystalline body materials that weigh just 26 pounds. Despite its light weight, this kayak is actually strong enough to carry up to 500 pounds of cargo.

Look, look, look, look, look, look. Sea Eagle 330 at Sea Eagle rental for $329.

A 34 inch x 11 foot kayak, two inch long, with a spacious interior of 13 inch wide x 9 inch, six inch long. It is equipped with 9-inch tubes, I-construction and high-frequency welding, and has white water sills up to Class III.

When you purchase a luxury package you will also receive a splashproof inflatable apron, inflatable front and rear seats, two oars, a reliable foot pump and a sturdy carrying bag that holds everything together 26 by 48 inches. The bag is made of super strong 440 denier nylon.

Characteristics of the eagle 330

– Certified by the National Maritime Manufacturers Association (NMMA)
– Self-propelled exhaust valve
– Three luxury one-way valves
– Inflatable nozzles
– I-shaped floor
– Two skeletons on the bottom for better tracking and speed
– Measurement and repair kit
– Front and rear
– Inner dimensions 13 inches wide and nine feet, Six inches long
– Outer dimensions 34 inches wide by 11 feet, two inches long
– Nine inches tubing
– Two adults, 500 pounds total weight
– 26 pounds weight
– Three inflatable cameras on port, starboard and floor
– 33 mm
polycrystalline hull material – High frequency welded joints
– Inflatable I-floor structures
– Assembly and inflation in approximately six minutes

Video review

Look, look, look, look, look, look. Sea Eagle 330 at Sea Eagle rental for $329.

Bald eagle 330 – Positive

The first thing we noticed when making the overview of the Sea Eagle 330 is that it is very easy to inflate. As a bonus, a large bag was attached to it, where it was stored when you finished. Perfect fit and finish of the boat. When they took him to the quiet lakes and rivers of the south, we really saw how strong he was and how he could handle all kinds of water without incident. When the kayak took over Section III of the rapids at Lake Chattuga in Great Britain, including Bull Lock, and at Nantahala, including the waterfall, the kayak functioned very well and posed no sustainability problems. Although the manufacturer claims that the vessel is a class III white water vessel, it can in fact operate in class II and III waters.

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As an example, we recommend that you consider alternative blades, as the blades supplied have not produced good results compared to the other blades used. Install an additional frame on the bottom of the boat, which will improve the maneuverability of the boat, although it is not an addition to the make-or-break manoeuvre.
This yak only needs 10 minutes to blow up! And to pack even faster! A foot pump supplied with a boat is more than sufficient. You don’t have to buy an electric air pump to blow up your boat. However, if you want your boat to inflate faster than a foot pump, you can use an electric air pump that can be connected in your car to inflate three cameras, while you can use a foot pump to inflate seats. The seats and the splashguard are a little confused by the valves, where they have to be blocked at the base and closed quickly.

The boat is very fixed in the water, but care must be taken that the valves are screwed tight, otherwise air can escape from the side of the kayak.

An interesting anecdote about a boat: A co-owner of the Sea Eagle took her 50-pound Australian shepherd dog with her claws unbuttoned for a two-hour cruise around the harbour. The dog has left no traces or scratches on the kayak, although he is everywhere and can not sit still. Durable!

Some owners have bragged about having enough space in the kayak. The 56-year-old owner and her 63-year-old husband declared that they could sit comfortably in the boat and even had more room to pack a few things.

Many owners are satisfied with the materials. It is so robust that it can easily remove a few rocks and tree trunks and even work well in the hot season.

Bald eagle survey 330 – Negative results

The only disappointment is that it is not a professional kayak, because it is not a course like a professional kayak, and the paddle is a bit uncomfortable because of the pontoon like the sidewalls.


Solo Deluxe Package – contains canoe seat, canoe paddle with repair system and pump.

Deluxe Package – It’s actually just like the very first package, except that it contains a pump, two canoe paddles, two kayak seats and a storage box and repair system.

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Professional kayak offer – The professional kit contains a repair kit, 2 kayak paddles, a pump, 2 luxury kayak seats and a carrying bag.

QuickSail Bundle – With this kit you can convert a canoe directly into a small sailboat and contains the great QuickSail. Includes floor shovel, 2 oars, 2 luxury canoe seats, carrying bag and repair system.

Buy a bald eagle 330

An outdoor hobby like kayaking can be a memory dilemma. Traditional kayaks or canoes need space or at least a rack to store them, while if you want to take them to the local river you also need a good car to take them with you. An inflatable kayak like the 330 solves both problems. It glides easily in the trunk or even on the back seat of the car. Fold it well and after blowing it out, put it in a large bag and put it in the trunk of your car or other storage space.

It can be difficult to carry everything in one bag over certain distances, especially if you have to climb steep slopes, but this kayak is much easier than an ordinary canoe or kayak. All in all this kayak is a great purchase and offers the average kayaker everything he or she needs. With its space-saving advantages and super resistant materials, this kayak makes no sense!

Where can we buy?

Look, look, look, look, look, look. Sea Eagle 330 at Sea Eagle rental for $329.

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premium holder of : Jori Kid

If you want to try kayaking but don’t want to spend a lot of money, if you don’t want to have problems with car racks and hard hull kayaks, if you want to be able to take your kayak out of the trunk and put it in the water wherever and whenever you want, and if you want to kayak with a partner, the Sea Eagle 330 might be just what you need.

This Sea Eagle kayak is designed for newcomers. Above all, it is inflatable and can be folded in the space of a modest suitcase. You don’t need a big SUV or a trunk. Throw it in the trunk of your car. It’s very easy to set up. Take it out of the bag, unfold it and inflate it with the foot pump provided. In less than 10 minutes you’ll be ready to put it in the water, and for just 26 pounds it only takes one person to take it from shore to water.

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The kit contains everything you need to enjoy water: Carrying bag, pressure gauge and repair kit, foot pump, bow and stern handles, inflatable aprons, two seats and two mudguards. Apart from that, no matter how many kayaks you count, be aware that not everyone comes with oars, and that one oar can easily bring you $50 to $100, so the fact that this inflatable eagle has oars is definitely a plus.

For a kayak the eagle is wide enough to make it very stable. It won’t haunt you like a solid kayak, but it won’t turn you into water either. It is designed for Class 3 speeds, but that probably exaggerates its capabilities. Most suitable for quiet lakes and streams. Some say it’s more of a raft than a kayak, but if you want to spend a relaxing day on the lake and improve your kayaking skills at the same time, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I have to admit that the Sea Eagle 330 is a bit cramped with two people in the cabin. If you or your potential kayak buddy is tall – more than 6 feet – then maybe two people won’t kayak for you. However, if you set it so that the seats face each other, it can be much more comfortable for this great duo. It seems that the required space in a 2.5 meter kayak is due to personal preferences.

Sea Eagle kayaks have been around for 40 years, so they build high quality boats. If you are looking for a cheap kayak for beginners, or if you are looking for a boat that will allow you to enjoy a relaxing day on the calm waters of a nearby lake or creek that will last for years, then the Sea Eagle 330 deserves serious attention.

Look, look, look, look, look, look. Sea Eagle 330 at Sea Eagle rental for $329.


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