Sea Eagle Explorer 300X

The Sea Eagle Explorer 300X is designed for water enthusiasts, there’s only one thing to satisfy a dry soul: getting wet. The best way to do this this summer is with the Sea Eagle Explorer 300X.

This model has been eagerly awaited and appreciated since its introduction on the kayak market. Sea Eagle is a reliable and respected brand for high quality and durable inflatable boats. The white-tailed eagle has been well received by water sports enthusiasts since its first launch some time ago.

With the Explorer 300X, the Sea Eagle has adopted the best aspects of the previous models and improved some aspects that consumers think they can use. Final result; final inflatable kayak.

White-tailed eagle 300x on Eagle’s official website for $899.


is one of the most important factors in the purchase of any type of kayak. The Explorer 300X does not disappoint in this respect. The material consists of reinforced , three layers of high-pressure fabric. This guarantees the highest quality of the product, which is strong, durable and viable in the long term. This kayak can take a shovel and go on! This kayak can even receive a violent blow from an object that could pierce most inflatable boats. The high-quality material used in the Explorer 300X is UV resistant , durable and resistant to chemicals, gas and oil. In general, the material is completely waterproof and extremely flexible.


This model shows the ingenuity of the Runner Eagle and its ability to keep pressure on the hull when designing and building kayaks. The Explorer 300X measures 9’10 X 39 and weighs , or only 28 pounds. Indoors – 8’9 x 16, capacity – 395 pounds or one adult. It has 3 rooms, 3 air valves and can be inflated in just 5 minutes. It also has a wild water coastline corresponding to Class IV. Moreover, it can only be emptied up to 24 X 16 X 6, which also makes it very compact and mobile. With all the standard features for which the Sea Eagle is known, the Explorer 300X is without a doubt one of the brightest inflatable kayaks on the market today. The fact that the Explorer 300X is so cleverly designed and at the same time so comfortable is a kind of blessing. You get all the incredible features and benefits of excellent workmanship – it’s all merged into a one-man ship of adventure dreams.

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Here is a good video of the trip in the Sea Eagle Explorer 300x under.


The most versatile inflatable kayak hull is no easy task, but the Explorer 300X fights just as bravely against the open ocean as it does against the surf or snow-white water. If you add to that that it is so well made and really easy to transport, there is no water source that cannot be conquered with the Explorer 300X. Among the thousands of owners and users of the Explorer 300X, one fact is easy to see: This kayak is a proof of construction and design. Internet owners have failed because of their good reviews and have even recorded incredible adventures on video, which they have taken on world trips. It is widely believed that this model of the inflatable kayak is probably one of the best Sea Eagle inflatable kayaks ever made. The stability and manoeuvrability of the Explorer 300X is one of the most appreciated features of this model. Ease of use and overall stability make this kayak an excellent choice for veterans and beginners alike. The Explorer 300X’s ability to manoeuvre in a variety of aquatic situations – from white snow sills to raging waves – makes this kayak a safe and reliable gamble for any kayaker, regardless of experience. In addition to its well thought-out stability and easy operation, the Explorer 300X also has an important speed factor. With the right water conditions and the right skills, the Explorer 300X can really make a difference. Of course, the ability to reach higher speeds depends on the water conditions and the weight of the kayak’s cargo, including the driver and any cargo on board. Bearing in mind that the Explorer 300X, despite its compact and uniform design, has exceptional cargo space. In addition, the Sea Eagle Explorer 300X is an excellent fishing boat.

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Thanks to its stability, cargo space and manoeuvrability, every angler can enjoy this inflatable kayak equipment. With the Explorer 300X and its ability to be transported so easily, you can reach the most difficult fishing grounds comfortably and stably. The construction of the single seat makes it possible for an experienced angler to enjoy a comfortable ride and a comfortable sitting position. With all the positive features of the Explorer 300X and the overall quality, this kayak is very sturdy and forgiving.

The Explorer 300X is also considered comparable to a canoe and can easily be used for the first training of a kayaker. Thanks to its sturdy construction and manoeuvrability, it is easy to teach. Beginners are amazed at how easy it is to learn to kayak with the Explorer 300X compared to more difficult and unforgivable kayak models. Stability and durability ensure that the student can relax and does not have to hold back for fear of damaging the kayak.

This model takes a punch and bounces as reliable and stable as ever. If you don’t have to worry about your boat jumping on every rock, you can really jump into the river and enjoy the pleasures of the white water.


In short, the Explorer 300X is perhaps the best inflatable kayak hull that has ever decorated the water. It embodies all the safety, robustness, stability, handling and comfort you expect from the Sea Eagle and its line of quality boats. With the Sea Eagle Explorer 300X you not only have a modern inflatable kayak at your disposal, but also a brilliantly designed boat that will take you on any water adventure imaginable. The possibilities to enjoy to the fullest are endless. There is no greater test than taking the Explorer 300X to hand and testing it. As long as the coverage is not pushed to its limits and all elements are tested, it will not be possible to truly participate in everything the white-tailed eagle has created in meticulous detail work, and thus sincerely miss the experience of a lifetime. Some may even go so far as to say that this experience can only be done on a real water nirvana. The only way to be sure is to try it yourself. Good kayak!

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Hire the best customers –

  1. Tracks and bendsgood
  2. is perfect for heavy people
  3. Over
  4. Very strong
  5. large handle
  6. very stable
  7. Fish voucher

Most common adverse reactions –

  1. Self-help is awkward according to 1 user

Customer orientation

  1. The customer advised the purchase of this kayak with a fishing chair for more comfortable fishing.
  2. The customer advised not to use the high backseat and to switch to luxury kayaks, which offer a better backrest and more comfort.

Where to buy

White-tailed eagle 300x on Eagle’s official website for $899.


List of the best inflatable kayaks – Kayak Guide

Official website of the eagle




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