Sun Dolphin 12 Sit On Top Kayak

Today I wanted to go back to my fish kayak, which I’ve had for almost a year. I bought his 12-foot Sun Dolphin Journey kayak on the Amazon for 450. If you are interested in customizing kayaks, you can just spend an extra $500 to get the best kayak, but for what I like. This is the perfect kayak for a beginner or someone a little new to fishing, and for the budget there are a few other options that can beat it.

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Then why is Sunny Dolphin 12 on the topkayak?

They say it weighs about 395 pounds, and it’s kind of a hybrid, but it’s not on top because there are no fried eggs, but the sides are pretty high, and here you stay pretty dry as long as you’re inside, so if you’re on a lake or a fishpond or maybe even an easy river, you’re okay. Personally I use it on the river and I fish a lot on mountain lakes and river stretches.
It comes with a small dry compartment for your phone or wallet, which I usually don’t use very often because it is difficult to close.

There is legroom, kayak rests in the middle of the kayak and a few other supports behind the seats. These rod holders can be equipped with additional PVC tubes for the fashion of the future.

In general I have seen how many people have bought this kayak to build it and make many adjustments to it.

He has about half a centimeter dry hatch at the bow of the kayak. It just rolls up and gives you some space, so you have a durable storage compartment for various items you don’t want to dry out, such as your mobile phone or your wallet. Many people add an adjustment to the cut to allow access to the body to add a depth gauge or compass.

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There is a space for the central wicker holder, which comes with a Scotty type wicker holder. The rod holders for the rear installation are of good design. There are leggings next door.
The good thing about this chair is that I have back problems and I really need back support. If you sit well on the bottom of the seat, you can feel its quality, you can sit on it and the backrest is very good.
For the seat there are cup holders in which you can sit with various snacks or drinks.

There’s a small storage container in the back. It’s flush with the floor, so you can certainly put the box on top if you like, but we don’t see the need for it, if you don’t pack a lot of things, it can already have three fishing holes. The camp is moving to give you more room. It’s not as thick, so you can store it for days if you want, you can probably attach something to a handle so you can easily pull it behind you if you want. The dry storage slot isn’t big enough for a drawer, but you can certainly make a fashion out of it or put it in a cool bag or maybe a fishing bag or something improvising.
For my needs I’m only on the lake for a few hours and I don’t have to drag large quantities, so it’s perfect for me.
He only has two pens, which is a small mistake. It would be nice if he had side pins. The drain plug is at the front and when you turn it towards the bottom of the case, it looks good, with a design that should make tracing easier. Kayaking is known to be very easy to follow.

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With this kayak you have to remember that you can’t get up. Some users have tried it in different places and fell when they tried to get up because it is very unstable. If you want a kayak to stand on its feet, you should definitely look for another model designed specifically for this purpose.

Features Sunny Dolphin 12 sits on top kayak

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The pros and cons of the solar dolphin 12 Sitting on the topkayak


  • general good product in the price range
  • perfect
  • high storage capacity
  • comfortable and spacious seating


  • very unstable to stand on
  • Lack of pens


The 12 SS Solar Dolphin Journey is an excellent kayak for those starting on a small budget. This kayak may not be as well made as some major brands like Stealth, but at a price that is almost unbeatable and will certainly give you an excellent fishing experience. We recommend this kayak for beginners or buyers with a small budget. It can also be used by advanced users if you want to extend your kayak and add a number of different mods to make it yours.

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