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The Tarpon 120 is the best selling kayak in the Tarpon Sit-on-Top family of the Wilderness System. It is equipped with a number of interesting features, including a Phase 3 ergonomic seating system. Also available in a specially designed version for anglers is the Tarpon 120, which includes an integrated Scotty rod holder and two built-in rod holders. But these features can easily be added to the Tarpon 120 using SlideTrax (see below), and it’s easier to access the base model and add the necessary accessories. Here you will find our best kayak guide.

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So why do 120 game systems dry up?

Tarpon 120 Properties

At each end of the boat there are handles for tandem transport and one on each side in the middle, so that the boat can only be transported. For storage, the Tarpon comes with two easy to open hatches, one at the front of the boat and one in the middle of the kayak, directly in front of the seat, for easy access during rowing.

Comfort for the whole day

The Tarpon comes with a phase 3 seating system that can be adapted to the specific needs of the user. The lower part and the backrest are fully adjustable, even in the sitting position. The backrest can be moved forwards, backwards, upwards and downwards. The front of the seat is also adjustable and can be moved up or down using the foot straps for maximum comfort. To accommodate kayaks of all sizes, the Tarpon is equipped with fully adjustable footrests.

Much memory

Behind the seat is a large tank where you can store the cooler, milking box, drying bag and other necessary equipment.  There are also storage bags, which are located in the kayak in front of the seat and are ideal for storing small items. The side handles are lined as paddle holders so that the paddle can be safely attached to the kayak when not in use.

SlideTrax Technology

An innovative feature of Tarpon is the SlideTrax modular equipment system. You can add accessories such as boom mounts and GPS mounts to your Tarpon without drilling or making complicated adjustments.  SlideTrax also allows easy positioning of bungee lines.

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Excellent stability and tracking

There is a built-in drain plug behind the boat – useful if you accidentally leave water in the boat.

The Tarpon is extremely water resistant and very manoeuvrable. The hull of the Tarpon boat is conveniently folded from one side to the other. Extremely stable, you can easily hang your legs on one side and catch fish or paddle at the same time without having to worry about the boat falling over. The Tarpon 100 model is very responsive and easy to move.

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At the front of the Tarpon System 120 Wild there’s a handy piece of rubber under which you can slide a paddle into your kayak when you’re not using it, or if you need to move the kayak to keep it safe from fishing but don’t want to drop it into the river. It is very practical for kayaks, I love it, and it is very useful and stable because it is only a piece of plastic.

I didn’t have a problem with the leak in the front hatch, although some users said there was a problem. I had crossed the thresholds of Class 2 and 3 and the water rose to the bow in some cases and even seemed to sink, but the friction holes had destroyed it.

I wanted to draw attention to some of the strong points of the hatch (which opens from left to right). Some of the front hatches have received information that they are leaking. However, the reason for their leakage is that if you look under the hatch, you see a small piece of plastic at the intersection of the hatch that connects the hatch to the boat. On some boats the plastic does not adhere perfectly on both sides, as if they were pierced. If you see one, you should avoid it because it will leak, but you can certainly solve the problem with some kind of glue or sealant in that area. I never drank a lot of water and I sat in the rain when the water ran to the surface and it held up well – the lids usually do well. You must ensure that the lid cord is pulled in and does not fall out.

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The legs work very well, sometimes, depending on what you do, the piece can be pushed very easily, so that it slides upwards. In the middle of the kayak I have, there’s a bungee cord that can go from a small to a big bait box, you can just tie it up and don’t worry about it getting wrapped up.

The two small side pieces for the accessories are made of rubber and are at a good distance from each other. But if you take the kayak back to something that comes out. So if he hits the kayak, it’s the only way to hold him!

The central hatch had no leakage problem, but the drawing shows a small notch around the hatch where it looks as if water can be trapped. I don’t have a problem with water coming in, but it sticks around him, so if he sits there, if you open the water, it comes in. Moreover, it is well located and closes the hatch well and gives me no problems.

The chairs are very comfortable, I’m taller and I’m a little worried about the chair, but I spent up to 12 hours in a day in a kayak and it goes really smoothly. I didn’t really fit in. I raised my back, you can pull up the front tire if you try to get some rest, but you wouldn’t mind keeping it down.

There is plenty of storage space in the back, which can come in handy when you go for a few laps at night. It has a handle at the back and allows easy transport.

The wild terrain of the Tarpon system with its 120 tracks is great, and I have no problem running it. When I have to maneuver around rocks and poles, it goes very fast and is no problem for me.

They come in different colors, but I recommend the one that is really bright and striking, because it would be safer to have something that is easy to see and recognize.

What I don’t like about this kayak is the space under the seat. There are holes for a gutter, but I’ve never seen a gutter. If you’re sailing in rapids or schools and there’s water in the kayak, you’re usually in a puddle underneath you. You can use one of your sponges, and when it’s full, you can stick one of your sponges in it and wipe it off with a sponge that’s not too big.

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If you don’t do a whitewater kayak where the water comes in, you really don’t have to push the plugs in. It works perfectly with the compound and stays very dry, you can get a few drops out of hand, but it’s nothing special.

You get wet with the mountain when you grow up. When you hit the waves, the water comes in a little bit, of course it ends right away. The forehead holds a little water, but that’s okay.

Properties and specifications

Specifications for block 120

  • Length: 12′ 3″
  • Width : 30″
  • Capacity: 350 pounds.
  • Deck level: 13.75″
  • Weight: 64 pounds.
  • The length of the cabin: 52″
  • Cab width : 20″

Tarpon 120 Properties

  • Storage bags for gearboxes
  • Side handles for transport
  • Front and rear handles for easy transport
  • Leaflet holder
  • 8-inch centre plate flap
  • Large nose drop
  • Adjustable leg corsets
  • SlideTrax
  • Phase 3 Seats
  • Compatible steering wheel
  • Large tank

Our report

In general, the Wildtarpon System 120 is a great kayak hull to fish in. We recommend it for all types of fishing canoes and it is certainly one of the most remarkable models.

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