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You will find a variety of kayak types if you are looking for a kayak. There are hard wells, dinghies, tourist kayaks, fishing kayaks, sit-ins, sith on top, etc. If you don’t know exactly what you want, you could get lost. At the same time, people who don’t really know what they’re hunting usually choose a combination of different things they may need, and it’s usually a stable platform that’s easy to carry when you need it, and at the same time it’s fun and offers decent performance. These are very difficult shoes to fill, and they often require a radical overhaul of the kayak, which would make it possible to achieve all these things without sacrifice or compromise. Here’s Tequila Point 65! Including a modular GTX solo kayak. This is a rather interesting category because it is a modular kayak which can be divided in two to get a much smaller and more comfortable set to carry than a hard hull kayak. During assembly, however, you get the performance and power of a hard shell, and the productivity gains are astonishing. Let’s move on to full tequila without wasting time! GTX Solo Modular Kayak Review, and finally you decide if it’s the next thing you buy for your weekend adventure.

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Then why the Emotional Kayak Review?

This kayak design is probably the first thing you notice. After assembly it is a complete kayak kit with a rigid hull, and its performance confirms it. However, if you take a closer look, you will notice that the kayak is divided into two halves. With this innovative design Tequila was born! GTX has received numerous awards, including the Best of What’s New from Popular Science and ISPO Brandnew and the Red Dot Design Award. But since the price doesn’t get you out of the water, let’s talk about the advantages of this design. First of all, if it’s not assembled, you get two parts that are much easier to transport than a full kayak. Secondly, if you have to take it with you in the car, it takes up much less space and you can put it in the trunk without worrying about it. Although you can get both with an inflatable kayak, you’ll find that you won’t get a third – a great achievement.

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The power of this kayak will silence you. It is one of the fastest kayaks on the market, and the new keel makes it possible to row straight as an arrow. What’s more, the controls are great and you can do it with ease. Stability is no problem at all, and you can sit or stand without problems. Comfort is provided by the AIR seat, which has a pneumatically adjustable backrest for even more comfort. You also get a cupholder and shaped multi-foot frames, and this set guarantees optimal relaxation. You have more than enough storage space and can download it for a day trip or maybe a weekend trip, the choice is yours. It is also meant to store equipment or a cooler or other things you need for fishing.

There’s something else about tequila! The modular GTX Solo kayak, which must be another advantage if you want to go kayaking with a partner. There is a snap-on middle section that you place between the two halves of the kayak, allowing you to add another space in the kayak, effectively turning it into a tandem kayak.

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Everything has been thought out so that you can benefit from the performance of a hard hull kayak, with the added advantage of being able to transport and store it easily. With Tequila GTX Solo it can almost never go wrong. This way you will get the best of both worlds and you will be amazed by the quality of the performance. And if you want to take someone with you, just add the middle part and you have a tandem kayak! It’s great, isn’t it?

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