The Best Kayak Sail On Sale – What You Need To Know!

We invested over 40 hours and worked with a team of kayak specialists to find the best kayak sail. Advantages when choosing the perfect kayaksail: Feel the wind pull you when you choose the perfect sail.

In our research we found that WestWind Kayaks is the best kayak in its price range to date, thanks to exceptional customer service and high quality, durable products at a reasonable price; WestWind Sails has proven to be one of the best kayaks available.

Short Curriculum Vitae: Top 3 – Kayak sailing

Our experienced editors have selected and evaluated these products for each specific category and area to recommend the best models and products we can offer. Some of these partner links allow us to receive commissions.

Best overall result: 1. Westwind Kayak
An ideal and inexpensive beginner’s sailboat that can be used in light to medium winds.

Best expert solution: 2. BSD Batwing Sail Kit
Suitable for those who want to take sailing to the next level and make a first choice.

Second place: 3. Vision Kayak Sail
Suitable for all types of kayaks. Provides a large field of vision and an extra carrying case. The size is 42 inches.

Our analyses

An ideal and inexpensive entry sail that you can use in light to medium winds.

  • Size: 42 inches
  • The equipment: Plastics
  • Cost: $.

The kayak feels the wind

If you are looking for an affordable sail for use in light to medium winds, then the WestWind sail is the best option for you. This model is ideal for solo kayakers who love relaxed paddling, ease of use and lightweight products. It also has a soft material that adapts to the shape of the sail and makes it malleable for easy folding.

This sail can be lowered from the deck of the kayak and secured or held on the bow with the supplied installation. You can also use the self-timer setting for swimming or on the water. This means that when using WestWind Sail you don’t have to go back to shore to set it up. This model is more user friendly for beginners and gives you a good idea of what kayaking is. It measures 42 inches and comes with clips and a carrying bag.

  • Extremely competitive prices
  • Robust construction for a price
  • Supplied with a carrying bag and all collars are ready to be installed.
  • Less than the large version
  • For beginners

This sail is suitable for those who are trying to go up a gear and want to make a first choice.

  • The size: 4M
  • The equipment: Professional strength class
  • Cost: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

yellow-red sails

This 32 inch BSD Batwing sail exists and has been developed for over 25 years. It’s the most advanced sail we’ve ever recorded. It really is a Cadillac that sails. The BSD Batwing kayak kit lives up to its name as the strongest and most functional kayak sailboat to date. You’d have a hard time finding a sail that could withstand it. It is designed for all kayaks with a length of less than 17 inches. The sail kit comes with everything you need for installation, including a 2 reef system with flash, boom, propeller, leeboard, ridge boots.

They also facilitate installation by providing telephone installation assistance and detailed manuals if you wish to perform the installation yourself. The whole equipment weighs 36 pounds and is 60 centimetres high.

If you’re looking for the best product for kayaking, here’s your kit. It’s not cheap, but if you take care of it, it will last a lifetime.

  • An incredibly resistant material
  • Adjustable directions
  • The fastest option on the market

This sail is suitable for all types of kayaks. It comes with a large observation area and an extra carrying bag. It’s 42 centimeters high.

  • Size: 42 inches
  • The equipment: Plastics
  • Cost: $.

kayak sailing vkk

The Vision Sail is suitable for all types of kayaks, both sitting on a kayak and on a roof type. It is available in 42 inches and features solid technology and construction that make it safe, versatile, easy to use and reliable.

With its ripstop nylon and transparent, UV-resistant marine PVC, the sail also has excellent forward visibility. It is easy to store and unfold, so fishermen or rowers can easily take advantage of the wind. It is undoubtedly an excellent product and is highly recommended if you are new to kayaking.

  • Sustainable plastics
  • Plastic V-shaped display makes it easy to manoeuvre
  • Easy installation of the cord
  • Affordable price for beginners
  • Small, casual.
  • Bending requires some training
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How to choose a kayak?

There are many small differences between all kayaksails and the considerations you should take into account when choosing a kayaksail.


Designing a kayak sail

The main difference between the different sails is their design. There are many different kinds. There are traditional sails and newer sails. The sails with hoods have a fairly round shape. Hobysails are traditional sails that are rather triangular. The difference with Sea Eagle sailing is that you can only use them on a limited number of boats. Sea Eagle uses more synthetic materials, making QuikSail by Sea Eagle one of the strongest and highest quality sails.

Some kayak sails work with some boats. For example, a white-tailed eagle would not cooperate with the Aruban sun dolphin. Some sails work only for seated kayaks and others only for kayaks.

The most important types of sails we know.

  1. sails in the form of
    These sails are downwind, and the big disadvantage is that in a big storm you turn around quite quickly, and the fact that you can’t sail upwind with these sails, but only in a muddy wind, disappears.
  2. Round sails
    Most models are also close-hauled sails, which can only be sailed in one deviation and are not adjustable. They come with a visor to look in the middle of the sail and help you maneuver. They are mainly intended for beginners.
  3. L-shaped high sails
    Some of the best sails are available in this design, and they can be rotated to change direction and adjusted to take advantage of the wind no matter where it comes from. They can also be among the most expensive sails and therefore the most popular.


The other consideration is a material one. Depending on the company and the tarpaulin, the most common materials are fabric and plastic. The main difference is that the canvas is heavier but lasts longer than plastic, although plastic sheeting remains effective for longer.

1. Synthetic plastic and fabric: It is always useful to know the materials of the products you buy. Newer kayaks are usually made of synthetic plastic and may not last as long as fabric, but they will last longer. Another type of traditional veil is dust. It certainly lasts longer, but, as I said, it loses its effectiveness faster. It’s also much heavier, especially when it’s wet.

Carbon fiber

2. Hardware Visor: Because the sails of the windvane are directly in front of the kayak seat, they place a transparent plastic material in the centre of the sail so that the kayak can see.

3. Carbon fiber: Falcon Sails, uses carbon fibre for its masts, which is one of the best materials. Falcon Sails produces very high quality and highly resistant masts, so it was a good idea to change the colours of the kayak sails.


Another way to choose the right sail is to decide on your kayaking experience. If you are looking for a lighter sail for installation and navigation, the wind paddle can be the sail for you. This is due to the round shape of the mast, which facilitates operation. However, if you have more experience and want to sail in your spare time, this may be for you. Some sails are easier to set up for beginners, depending on the level of experience, we would say from the simplest in terms of set-up and management to the most complex :


Wind turbine, eagle, falcon sail, hobby

What are the advantages of owning a sailing kayak?


1. Speed: Sailing and kayaking is an innovative sport. It’s sailing and kayaking together, so if you like sailing or kayaking, you have a combination of both here. If you combine these two sports, you get an extra boost from one to the other. Although rowing can increase your speed, adding a sail uses the power of the wind to add a few extra miles per hour to your speed.

2. Voltage: The addition of a kayak sail eliminates the dependence on rowing hands and instead relies on a renewable energy source, namely wind! This allows you to concentrate more on other things like fishing or boating instead of worrying about overtime.

3. Fun: Why would you swim in a kayak? Because it’s an explosion! The kayaking idea is great. You can set up your sail in seconds when the wind picks up. When I took my sea kayak for the first time, I didn’t know how to use it, but after a few hours of kayaking it was a piece of cake and something I still can’t live without. It can also be very useful for beginners in sailing.

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4. Convenience: The advantage of kayaking is that it also has aspects of comfort. For example, if you are tired, you can sit down and let the wind carry you, and the westerly wind will relax on your kayak. One of my favorite things about kayaking.

5. Fisheries: One of the main reasons I went kayaking for the first time was that I had an advantage in fishing. It is very suitable for tugboat fishing and makes it possible to get to and from your fishing area. For the less experienced, who know what trolls are all about, the art is to leave the rod and move slowly through the water, waiting for the fish to bite.

Top brands kayak sails

1. BSD

BSD, was one of the first companies to produce kayak sails and has sails of excellent quality. Very robust and easy to set up. It has excellent customer service and sells sails through resellers and online. BSD sails are made of transparent plastic, so BSD sails are generally lighter than those of some competitors.

The BSD sails in blue

2. Westerly wind / Vision

The sails are not adaptable, but they are characterized by an excellent and efficient design and are very easy to set up with any kayak equipment. Westwind has excellent customer service. It is easy to lift and bend. The sails with windbreak, have a very unique design and are very different from other kayak sails. It has a round shape and is placed in front of the kayak with a transparent plastic material in the middle so the kayak can see.

Eagle quick

3. Chablis / Bald eagle

Sea Eagle sails are of excellent quality, but only work with a few kayaks because they are attached to the kayak in a different way. The Sea Eagle has one of the highest quality sails due to its composite construction and is mainly made of synthetic material. It is better than a tarpaulin because it is lighter and more efficient.

Hawk Sails Canoeing

4. Falcon sails

Faction Sails is an excellent sailing company with great customer service. If you write to the owner of the company by e-mail, he or she will reply immediately. Falcon sails use carbon fiber material for their masts, which is one of the best materials for kayaking. One of the main advantages of choosing Falcon Sails is the coolest online feature. Possibility to customize the mast; you can choose the colors of everything on the mast, you can choose the line layout and the appearance of the logo. That’s the main reason why I love falconry.

Other known companies: STEP, Serenity, Complete

There are other players on the kayaks who are more individual. Some of these offerings of serenity and completeness were really impressive; they present themselves as more sophisticated brands that produce oversized large sails for professionals or kayakers looking for the best quality materials. If you want a higher price, we strongly advise you to consider these alternatives. Especially our favorite lard launch, the supernova and the tranquility in the wind.

Kayak navigation tips

Kayaking is a fairly new concept and although it is a very simple sport to learn, it is important to know the safety procedures and tips to improve the kayaking experience.

Do you know the area where you are going to kayak

Make sure you know the area where you are going to kayak to make sure that you are not in danger or have any incidents while kayaking. Also know that there are boats and swimmers, so you know where they are and how to avoid them.

Make sure the weather is suitable for swimming

It is important to check the weather before departure during the day as heavy rain and lightning or strong winds may occur. This is an important security announcement.
Reference to local weather reports for navigation.

Do you have the right sail?

bright and sparkling

There are many different kayaks and many sails. Some are designed for fishing, others for strong winds and rapids. It is important that you choose the perfect sail to ensure safety.

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Wear required protective equipment

Kayaking is not a sport to be handled lightly; it involves dangers and risks that can be threatening. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment on your kayak: Helmet and life jacket. You can protect yourself against damage in the event of an incident or collision.

Kayak Safety

Keep your kayak clean!

To make your kayak and sailboat look good in the water and stay powerful and durable for longer, you need to clean your kayak after work and, if you have used it at sea, to remove salt that can destroy materials.

Know who’s around you!

It’s important to know who’s kayaking, sailing or sailing around you. This can stop many incidents and prevent collisions that can really hurt you.

Don’t forget to bring food and water.

Even if you plan to stay on the water for just a few hours, as a precaution you should bring food and water in the kayak in case something goes wrong or you decide to stay longer. This is a very important precaution.

Know your equipment!

It seems obvious, but it’s important. Make sure you know how to use and coordinate a kayaksail and that you understand the strength and resistance of a kayaksail.

Do it yourself, swim in a kayak.

Making your own kayak sail can be an option if you don’t want to waste money on an already built sail. To be honest, some of the temporary options are cheap and could have saved you a lot of trouble, but we know your handymen are always around.

An example of a well-drawn plan.

sailing kayak

The main elements of the production of kayak sails are specified in.

  1. Make and draw a plan with the dimensions and materials you need.
  2. Cut the tarpaulin to size (you should choose a hard tarpaulin – there are many options, but a heavier plastic tarpaulin is probably best.
  3. Cut the tubes (normally PVC tubes are the best) and create a triangular shape for your mast, the mast must be securely fastened and hold the sail.
  4. Cut the rope and attach it with hooks to the hose, make sure the sail is movable so that it runs a little bit to the bottom of the PVC hose.
  5. Make a block of wood the size of the recesses for the bottom and the bottom support of the kayak (more detailed instructions can be found in the video linked to the documents.

Resource: 1. Video 1 (Make a simple canoe for just over $20)

Resource: 2. Video 2 Do it yourself, rotating in a kayak.


Sailing and kayaking is an innovative sport. It’s a very new and simple concept, it’s a lot of fun, and that’s why it’s my favorite hobby. It complements the kayak, and even once the sails are attached, it retains its simplicity but offers a new dimension to the kayak.

After reading all this you should be ready to buy your first kayak sail and sit down on the water. Kayaks are really cheap because of their price, which easily fits in most people’s budgets. Before you buy a sail, you should think about what you are going to do with it, because some sails are designed for certain things. Also note that some sails only work with certain kayaks.


Read this manual in its entirety, because every piece of information is important. From choosing the right sail for your kayak to your safety with a kayak. I hope you’ve learned a lot about kayaking and I guarantee that once you’ve mastered it, kayaking will become your favorite pastime. Thank you for reading the guide and bon voyage!

The kayak feels the wind

Our choice is again an affordable and robust sail

Westwind Kayak

Ideal and inexpensive beginner’s sail for use in low and medium winds.



 westwind kayak sail,falcon sailing kayak

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